11 Recommended Accessories For The Trezor Model T Wallet

2/10/2023, 9:33:46 PM - Eddu Oz
11 Recommended Accessories For The Trezor Model T Wallet

11 Recommended Accessories For the Trezor Model T Wallet

Trading or investing in cryptocurrency can be an exciting journey especially when it is yielding the desired results. While reaping your rewards from crypto is exciting, think about investing in a reputable crypto wallet to secure your rewards in the long run.

One of such wallets I will share insights into is the  Trezor Model T wallet.

In this article, I will highlight other Trezor accessories you might not know about or you probably do but ignore.

The Trezor Model T wallet is one of the pioneers of hardware wallets produced by Satoshi Labs in February 2018. The first of its kind was produced in July 2014 (Trezor One).  

The Model T is a clear improvement from the Model One. It offers more coin support, a 240×240 px screen for easy navigation, and processors (ARM Cortex-M4 processor: 168 MHz). With the Model T, you can store your cryptocurrencies offline with your digital keys safely stored.

However, the Model T has a price of 189 EUR, when compared to the Model One at 59 EUR.  If premium quality, safety, and long-term usability are what you are looking for, then the Model T is your best bet.

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Key Takeaways

• The Trezor Model T wallet is one of the best crypto wallets available for private key storage on the crypto market.

• You can either make use of the recovery seed cards using a waterproof pencil or a Cryptosteel to store your recovery seeds safely.

• The Trezor Model T can be damaged if handled wrongly so you must keep it safe when not in use.

• The Trezor Model T supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies so you can be sure that it supports your favorite cryptocurrencies.

•You can always purchase a new USB-C cable in situations where the original becomes faulty as it goes for only 5 EUR on the Trezor platform.

Trezor Model T: An Overview

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As mentioned earlier, the Trezor Model T is a premium cold storage produced from Trezor’s Satoshi’s Lab.  

The Model T boasts superior user-friendly features, flexibility, and more coin compatibility for lovers of the Trezor brand.

Trezor was released in the year 2018, four years after its debut model was released (the Trezor Model One).   

The Model T of course ranks above its first model with more third-party wallet support, a faster computer processor, input full-color touch screen, connectivity, and a wider number of supported coins.

Features of the Trezor Model T

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Now that I have shown you what the Trezor Model T is all about and what the features are, it’s time I let you know some of the accessories you should have if you want to make use of this wallet.

Let us take a look at them below:

How to connect the MicroSD Card to your Trezor Model T

Step 1: Connect your device and insert the MicroSD card into the card slot

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Step 2: Use the Trezor command-line interface to enable the SD protection

Use the command ”trezorctl device sd-protect enable”

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Step 3: Congratulations! Your device is now bound to the secret on the microSD card. You will need to insert the card into the device to use your PIN.

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  • Two Recovery Seed Cards
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The recovery seed card is a little card or booklet that is used for writing down the recovery seed during the backup of the Trezor Model T.

A pair of recovery seed cards are included in the box containing the Trezor Model T and each card comes with a 12-word. This is in contrast to the Trezor One which comes with a 24-word.


  • Never make a digital copy of your recovery seed card.
  • Keep your recovery seed card safe from theft and fire.

You can check out the recovery seed card for the Trezor Model T here.

10. Waterproof Foil Pencil

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The purpose of the waterproof foil pencil is to write the recovery seeds on the recovery seed cards. These cards are made of waterproof and tear-resistant plastic paper so you cannot just use any pencil on them.

11. Magnetic Dock

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The magnetic dock is usually found in the accessory box of the Trezor Model T and is used to serve as a magnetic mount for the Trezor Model T.

The tape on the magnetic dock can be glued to a surface where you can place the Trezor model T thanks to the magnetism and easily see the screen.

Be sure to place the magnetic dock on a surface that is convenient for you as the tape on the magnetic dock is quite strong and cannot be pulled off easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Trezor Model T waterproof?

No, the Trezor Model T is not waterproof which is why you need to keep it in a safe place as it securely protects and stores your private keys.

What crypto does the Trezor Model T support?

The Trezor Model T supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies including the most popular ones such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can take a look at some of them listed in the features of the Trezor Model T above.

Final Thoughts

The Trezor Model T is an amazing crypto hardware wallet that comes with amazing accessories to aid you in securely protecting and storing your private keys.

If you are out there searching for a crypto wallet to use, I recommend the Trezor Model T wallet.

You can buy the Trezor Model T wallet here.

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