10 Best Crypto Signals on Telegram – Free & Paid

4/10/2023, 11:49:03 PM - Eddu Oz
10 Best Crypto Signals on Telegram – Free & Paid

In the fast-moving and volatile cryptocurrency market, keeping tabs on market prices could be an uphill task.

What if you had an expert or some robot you trust to do the market analysis and tell you the right time to buy or sell?

Exchanges and other crypto service platforms now provide market signals for their teeming investors.

Crypto signals are trading indicators or instructions that tell an investor when to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency at a preferred price.

These signals are derived majorly from economic updates, backtesting, and in-depth technical analysis and shared with resident investors.

Telegram is a preferred platform for crypto signals due to the ease of disseminating information to a maximum capacity of 200k users at the same time.

Why Telegram is preferred is that users can also respond, apply signals and get support in real-time.

With many crypto signals telegram channels out there, sifting through the numbers is just the beginning.

Finding the right crypto signal and getting the best deals is also another task on its own.

To save you from these hassles, let’s explore the top 10 Crypto Signal Providers on the Telegram platform.

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1. Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signal - 10 Best Crypto Signals on Telegram - Free & Paid

Universal Crypto Signals (UCS) was launched in 2018. The team was formed by a diligent group of crypto analysts with vast years of experience.

Universal Crypto Signals aim to give its users easy-to-understand and accurate signals.

Its premium channel was created after sharing signals that worked for 6 months from inception.

Investors with UCS have recorded a high rate of accuracy and efficiency, recording about 176 continuous thriving and winning streaks in its first two months of operation.

Key Features

• Up-to-date analysis on Bitcoin and crypto Market capitalization. They also give comprehensive and accurate advice on when to buy or sell Bitcoin and Altcoins.

• Automated Trading: their signals are incorporated with Auto-trading tools such as Cornix.io. While you are asleep, your income keeps adding up as the feature will automatically trade for you.

• Supports most Exchanges: Trades on numerous Exchanges like Kucoin, Binance, Huobi, Okex, Bybit, Bittrex, Bitmex, Coinbase, etc. are supported by Universal Crypto Signals.

• Customer experience: they are always ready to attend to their customers, helping with useful information and advice as well as attending to their questions as soon as possible.

• Good trade setups: they give proper guidance on risk management methods. They have comprehensive trade setups with suitable Entries, Targets, and stop loss. They offer crypto trading indications with long terms, short terms, and midterm.


Semi-automated Altcoin Premium

• US$ 66/month

Semi-automated Altcoin Premium

• US$ 171/ 3 months

Semi-automated Altcoin Premium

• US$ 306/ 6 months

Semi-automated Altcoin Premium

• US$ 540/ year

Fully Automated Altcoin Premium

• US$ 91/ month

Fully Automated Altcoin Premium

• US$ 874/ year

Semi-automated Margin Trading Premium

• US$ 81/ month

Semi-automated Margin Trading Premium

• US$ 199/ 3 months

Semi-automated Margin Trading Premium

• US$ 351/ 6 months

Semi-automated Margin Trading Premium

• US$ 621/ year

Fully Automated Margin Premium

• US$ 111/ month

Fully Automated Margin Premium

• US$ 891/ year

Semi-automated Altcoin + Margin Premium

• US$ 120/ month

Semi-automated Altcoin + Margin Premium

• US$ 295/ 3 months

Semi-automated Altcoin + Margin Premium

• US$ 484/ 6 months

Semi-automated Altcoin + Margin Premium

• US$ 900/ year

Fully Automated Altcoin + Margin Premium

• US$ 155/ month

Fully Automated Altcoin + Margin Premium

• US$ 1200/ year

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2. Learn2Trade

Learn2trade - 10 Best Crypto Signals on Telegram - Free & Paid

Learn2Trade is a UK-based crypto and Forex signals service provider via the Telegram platform.

It is an educative and informative platform that teaches its users practicable trading strategies.

The team on Learn2Trade consists of professional traders who are expertise in crypto and forex trading. They use artificial intelligence – AI and machine learning to analyze the crypto market on daily basis.

Learn2Trade has a remarkable 82% signal accuracy in its trades and has very happy users.

Key Features

• 3-5 Premium Signals per day

• Access to a VIP Telegram Group

• Signals Cover Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Crypto

• 82% Win Success Rate

• Average Monthly Gains of 30-40%


• US$ 35/ month

• US$ 35/ month

• US$ 65/ 3 months

• US$ 95/ 6 months

• US$ 260 for a lifetime subscription.

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3. My Crypto Paradise

MyCryptoParadise - 10 Best Crypto Signals on Telegram - Free & Paid

My Crypto Paradise Telegram group was formed and headed by four Czech Republic expert traders, Jack, Nathan, Robin, and Simeon.

Each of them possesses 7+ years of professional trading experience and they specialize in giving useful and professional advice on crypto trades.

These traders provide support in shifts to ensure all their clients get help whenever they need it.

My Crypto Paradise Telegram group boasts 70-95% signals accuracy based on results of the previous month and its primary focus is on Binance and Bitmex.

It has a free Telegram group to gain basic skills and enjoy some of what the VIP group offers and test out the accuracy of its signals.

Key Features

• Perfect trade setups with a buy zone (where they gather coins), sell targets (where they start selling their coins), and stop-loss to secure money in unfavorable market conditions).

• 80+ crypto trading signals in a month with an average rate of 83% success.

• It gives members insight into the current market status via regular posts of updates, news, and important basic analysis.

• 24/7 customer care services. Each of the four experts works round the clock to ensure that all questions are attended to.

• In-depth teaching on basic and technical analysis.


Binance, Bitmex & Bybit VIP Daily Signals

• 1 month US$ 369.00

• 6 months US$ 1,399.00

• 12 months US$ 2,369.00

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4.CoinCodeCap Classic

coincodecap signals

CoinCodecap Classic Signals have been one of the best sources of quality signals on Telegram over the years.

Its signals are created by a team of highly efficient crypto traders who understands and teaches the nitty-gritty of the crypto market.

The team of experts monitors the market trading pairs, critically analyzes, and gives their subscribers useful tips to trade profitably.

Key Features

• Effective Setup strategy. They give a comprehensive and proper entry, take profit targets, and stop-loss prices.

• Integrated with trading bots that can automatically trade for you, if enabled.

• Long-term, midterm, and short-term buy signals.

• Efficient risk management method.


• US$ 70/ month

• US$ 210/ 3 months

• US$ 420/ 6 months

• US$ 840/ 12 months

Visit CoinCodeCap Classic

5. Bityard

Bityard -  10 Best Crypto Signals on Telegram - Free & Paid

Bityard is a crypto exchange firm, where you can buy or sell your cryptocurrencies.

Recently, the firm launched a system that allows crypto traders to copy the trades of expert traders.

The new feature significantly reduces the troubles beginners go through when investing in cryptocurrency.

The system works in a way that allows investors to check out the list of expert and verified traders on the Bityard exchange.

Once they found their choice, they copy the trading activities and paste them into their trading accounts.

The system rewards traders who allow others to copy their trades with a percentage of their earnings. Many investors on the platform use the copying service.

Bityard has several accounts across all social media where you can easily plug in to receive daily crypto signals and other trading updates

Visit Bityard

6. Rocket Wallet Signals

rocket wallet signals - 10 Best Crypto Signals on Telegram - Free & Paid

Rocket Wallet Signals is top-notch and operates a scheme based on retaining leads through quality signal service. Hence, its primary focus is providing accurate crypto trading indicators.

Rocket Wallet offers its service to a manageable audience with useful insights into prevailing market conditions to its VIP members.

The signal service currently has over 40,000 members on their free Telegram group.

You can join their free group to pick up fundamental skills in trading while you enjoy some benefits out of the VIP group package.

Key Features.

• 3-5 daily signal posts

• Rocket Wallets records over 75% accuracy from past trade results.

• It provides 3 different Channels which adequately equip VIP members for profitable crypto trading. The VIP Update Channel, the VIP Signal Channel, and the VIP Insights/Tips Channel.

• Both Manual and Automated trading is available. Integrated bots help you to trade automatically.

• Thorough risk management strategy.

• Time to time crypto market analysis.


The subscription packages for VIP members alongside their price tags are listed below.   

• US$ 90/ month

• US$ 220/ 3 months

• US$ 390/ 6 months

• US$ 700/ year

• US$ 1300 for a lifetime subscription.

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7. Fat Pig Signals

fat pig crypto -

Fat Pig Crypto Signals is awesomely thriving on the telegram platform.

The platform was formed by a group of professional traders and analysts with years of experience in cryptocurrency trading and investing.

Fat Pigs offer analysis on trading with Bitcoin and other Altcoins with a remarkable 75% accuracy on previous trades.

Its group on Telegram is free with 25, 000+ members as well as a paid VIP group (8,000+ members) on Telegram where they upload signals from time to time.

Key Features

• Sound portfolio management tips for mid-long term targets.

• More than 75% signal accuracy.

• Private group on Facebook where you learn more trading skills.

• Special analysis and reports which give updates on new opportunities as per the market status. 

• Supports Automated Trading.

• Fast and efficient customer and communication service with 24/7 response.

• Supportive risk management strategies for its users.


Subscriptions fees are paid in form of Ethereum.


• 0.50 ETH (3 months)


• 0.75 ETH (6 months)


• 1.25 ETH (12 months)

Visit Fat Pig Crypto Signals

8. Verified Crypto Traders

verified crypto traders

The Verified Crypto Traders is a well-known signal provider in the crypto market.

They are prominent for their crypto trading signals that have remarkable accuracy.

Verified Crypto Traders provides signals and reports to its investors daily, weekly on favorable and unfavorable market conditions.

Key Features

• They offer long, short, and midterm buy indications

• Proficient risk management strategies which help to minimize loss.

• Time to time posts of news, technical analysis, and trade tips.

• Integrated bots enable automated trading.

• Useful and information recommendation of coins based on critical and diligent basic and technical analysis.


• US$ 99/ month

• US$ 270/ 3 months

• US$ 540/ 6 months

• US$ 999/ year.

Visit Verified Crypto Traders

9. Crypto Quality Signals

crypto quality signals

Crypto Quality Signals aim to give the best support to crypto traders by providing reliable signals.

They provide analysis and personal supports, technical information and analysis, automated and manual trading bots.   

Key Features

Exchanges: Binance, Bitmex, Bittrex, Kucoin, Poloniex, Okex, Deribit, Huobi, and Bybit are all supported. Each exchange has its channel.

• Provides daily short-term and midterm signals.

• Provides channels for reporting results, news, alerts, short-term signals, midterm signals, bitcoin, and tech analysis.

• Integrated Profit trading applications for android mobiles.

• Automated trading is enabled as it is integrated with Cornix.io, CryptoHopper, Signal, and other platforms that enable automatic trading.

• Referral policy where you earn 10% on every individual you refer.


Premium Gold

• US$ 30 per Month

Premium Silver

• US$ 10 per Month

Visit Crypto Quality Signals

10. Coin Signals

Coin signals

Coin Signals Telegram group is run by a team of experts in crypto trading. They aim to offer profitable trading advice to their subscribers after independent and quality technical analysis.

They run both free and paid telegram groups. They enable both manual and automated trading by using bots. Offers long term, midterm and short term buy signals.

Key Features

• Enhanced 24/7 AI scanning for market trading pair.

• Effective Risk management.

• Improved scalping with good Binance BTC, Bittrex BTC, and USDT signals sponsored by Algorithm.

• Integrated bots enable automated trading.

• 24/7 standby customer and communication service.

• 78% signal accuracy.


• US$ 49/ month

•US$ 120/ 3 months

• US$ 365/ year

Final Thoughts

Signals from various crypto signal groups on Telegram have made investing simple and easy to apply for many investors.

However, a few are providing precise and accurate tips which help traders to make profitable trades.

Before signing up with a signal service, have it in mind that no signal service is 100% accurate, but stick with the one with an over 65% success rate.

Also, beware of scammers who create fake or temporary platforms only to vanish with people’s contact detail and money later on.

Always try the free platform before subscribing to the VIP packages.

I wish you successful trading.

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