Mining on unMineable – All You Need to Know

2/16/2023, 4:08:54 AM - Shegs Aliu
Mining on unMineable – All You Need to Know

Miners validate transactions and record them in the public ledger (blockchain) through a process known as mining… one of such mining platforms is unMineable mining app suitable for mining unmineable tokens such as Aave, Cardano, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Litecoin, Algorand, etc.

Mining generally processes energy of your PC’s GPU or CPU to generate digital cash.

This digital cash comes as a reward for validating transactions, a system often called Proof of Work (PoW). A legitimate concern about any crypto mining app is whether or not it is secure to make use of since scams are widespread with these options.

In this article, I’ll take you through all you need to know about mining on unMineable.

Key Takeaways

unMineable is an automated system that allows you to mine cryptocurrencies, especially the unmineable ones.

Over 60 coins can be mined in unMineable, including those you cannot be mined anywhere.

To mine with Unmineable, simply point your miners to one of unMineable’s pools, depending on your mining hardware’s GPU or CPU, just like if you were mining any other PoW coin.

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What is unMineable?

UnMineable is a cloud mining tool for mining a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It generates digital mon5by using the GPU or CPU of a PC. Hence it is available in two versions, the GPU version which is known as PhoenixMiner, and the CPU version known as XMRIG.

Mining on unMineable – All You Need to Know

It supports numerous cryptocurrencies such as  Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, as well as the recent Cardano, Solano, and Shibu Inu.

Currently a beta release, it is available on both Mac and Windows and you can download unMineable on their official website. unMineable also has an Android app that’s available on Google Play Store.

About Mining in unMineable – how does Unmineable Work?

It has a pretty simple and easy-to-use interface, and as a miner, you can mine and receive coins directly into the wallet of your choice. So here is how unMineable works;

Once you are on the unMineable website, you type the token you are searching for in the “search your coin/token” box and create a wallet.

For example, click on SHIBA on the home page, and create a SHIBA wallet address.

Once you’ve created the wallet address, you will find the website for an individual coin at the interface, which shows the different algorithms that you can utilize to earn those coins, for example, RandomX, Ethash Etchash, and KawPow.

Make sure you change the coin at the beginning of the wallet template that they provide. Also, don’t forget that you’ll get a mining code that will drop your mining configuration from 1% to 0.75%.

Payments on unMineable are automatic which means you can pay anytime you wish. Also if anyone uses your mining code, you’ll get your referral balance on the statistics.

How to mine on UnMineable

For easier understanding, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can mine the SHIB coin on unMineable;

Step 1: Navigate to the unMineable website.

Step 2: Enter “SHIB coin” in the search box.

Step 3: Choose your mining algorithm on the SHIB currency website. If you’re mining on a Windows or Mac PC without a GPU, just use the RandomX method.

Step 4: You will see two options on the right side, next to the algorithm:

  • If you have a Mac PC, select the “Get started with xmrig” option.
  •  If you have a Windows PC, select the “Get started with our mining program” option.

Step 5: Follow the on-screen directions to install the mining program on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 6: Before you start your mining program, there are two critical settings that you must adjust for each currency that you wish to mine. Both of these options are available on the UnMineable coin page, just below the algorithm selection:

  • The first option is the Global Server URL.
  •  The second is the user field, where you must provide your coin name, wallet address, and worker name in the format “SHIB: Address.Worker#referral-code.” Use the referral code “f2vj-5rqh” to reduce your mining costs to 0.75%.
Set GPU mining algorithm on unMineable

Step 7: Run your mining program, and if everything works properly, you should see mining rewards on the address screen when you enter your wallet address.

What do I need to mine tokens on unMineable?

Before you begin mining, you need to set up the following.

1. UnMineable Miner Configuration

The UnMineable Miner configuration may be downloaded from the UnMineable website’s Download page, after which you install the application on your PC after extracting the file. This setup is the quickest and most straightforward method of mining your favorite unMineable coin.

2. CPU or GPU

This is determined by your financial capacity, as GPUs are substantially more expensive than CPUs. Furthermore, GPUs are more powerful and, in the long run, can be beneficial when mining these coins.

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On UnMineable, there are four PoW algorithms. Ethash, Etchash, Kawpow, and RandomX are among them. So if you don’t have a GPU, you should go for RandomX because the other three operate best with GPUs. The complexity of the algorithm is the deciding factor.

3. Electricity

You must be able to access enough electricity or be able to pay the bill because mining uses a lot of energy, and your electric bill will certainly go up once you start the mining process. Furthermore, if you can get an alternative source of electricity, such as solar or wind power, you might be able to minimize the cost of mining while increasing your profit margin.

4. Wallet Address

You will also be needing a wallet address to mine tokens and UnMineable just implemented the multi-chain functionality.

You can use software wallets like MetaMask for tokens like SHIB since it allows you to easily swap between different chains with no restrictions. Choose from our collection of best wallets.


How Does UnMineable Allow Non-Mineable Coins to be Mineable?

UnMineable has created a simple abstraction for both miners and average crypto enthusiasts to begin earning in their preferred cryptocurrency.

The fundamental mining technique is based on real-world mineable currencies that employ PoW. Furthermore, there is an exchange mechanism that operates in the background and changes the real mineable currency rewards to the coin selected by the user.

On each award, the conversion is done in real-time. It appears as though the user is mining the non-mineable currency. Furthermore, there are no additional exchange costs for users to pay.

Any potential external fees are already included in their 1% platform charge. There are also no payout or withdrawal fees. Furthermore, if a user chooses a referral code, the platform costs are reduced to 0.75%.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the best coins I can mine on unMineable?

Some of the best coins you can mine on unMineable include;

  • Aave
  • Cardano
  • Digibyte
  • Dogecoin
  • Shiba Inu
  • Litecoin
  • Algorand

Different people mine the coin they feel is best for them. You can find someone who prefers Raptorium, some others SHIBA INU, some others TRON, etc. So it’s a matter of your choice and which one you want to mine.

Q2. What is crypto mining?

Crypto mining is the process by which crypto miners use computers, data, codes, and calculations to validate cryptocurrency transactions and earn cryptocurrency as compensation for their work.

Q3. How Does Crypto Mining Work?

Cryptocurrency uses distributed ledger technology to decentralize currency transactions. That ledger is known as a blockchain. Crypto mining involves verifying blocks of data and adding them to the blockchain. This process allows for a trustless, peer-to-peer form of currency.

To verify blocks, crypto miners must verify the data in the block, record the transaction on the block, and add the new block to the blockchain. The verification process used in crypto mining is not easy.

Miners must correctly guess the code associated with the data on the newest block using code-cracking functions. Code-cracking is what is referred to as cryptography. Therefore, these functions are known as cryptographic hash functions.

In crypto mining, the first miner to correctly guess the complex code for the latest block then transmits their work to other miners on the network. If other miners can verify the original miner’s code, the original miner receives cryptocurrency and transaction fees as a reward.

Q4. Is Mining Harmful to GPUs?

Yes, mining hurts your GPU since one of its byproducts is excessive heat. If you operate your mining set up at a high temperatureabove 80 °C or 90 °C, the GPU may experience damage that reduces its lifespan significantly.

Final Thoughts

A mining tool like unMineable is a very good development as it shows that even coins that were previously thought to be unmineable such as the Shiba Inu can now be mined.

You will find the unMineable miner configuration on the UnMineable website’s Download page from where you can easily download, extract and install the file and set up your unMineable to mine your favorite coin.

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