How Much Faster is Cardano than Ethereum?

2/13/2023, 12:00:35 AM - Eddu Oz
How Much Faster is Cardano than Ethereum?

Cardano and Ethereum are two of the best blockchain networks in the crypto market. Cardano, however, is regarded as one of the Ethereum killers because it emerged to outperform Ethereum in every way.

This is one of the major reasons behind the debate as to which blockchain network is faster and better in general, with different experts and investors making a strong case for each network.

How Much Faster is Cardano than Ethereum?

Key Takeaways

• Ethereum and Cardano both have developments in the works that would facilitate a meteoric rise in the number of transactions done per second.

• Currently, Cardano happens to be faster than Ethereum by as much as 220 transactions per second.

• Cardano is regarded as the Ethereum killer because it has significant improvements in every area where Ethereum falls short, even though Ethereum currently commands a higher value.

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In this article, however, we shall be making a comparison between Cardano and Ethereum and, at the same time, finding out which one of them is faster.

What are Cardano and Ethereum?

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform that was created to foster transactions and exchanges among investors across the crypto market.

Its main aim is to foster global and positive change, and it has proven this through its highly decentralized system, which allows developers to set up their nodes as well as discover existing threats that may compromise the network.

ADA is the official cryptocurrency of the Cardano network, and with it, investors can stake and earn rewards, make transactions, pay for services, and much more. That ADA is one of the crypto market’s leading cryptocurrencies is no coincidence.

On the other hand, Ethereum is a blockchain platform that has paved the way for the existence of altcoins ever since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009.

Ethereum has been run by a community over the years and is responsible for the existence of numerous NFTs in the NFT market, which is no small feat thanks to its impressively highly decentralized platform.

Ether is the official cryptocurrency of Ethereum and is only second in terms of value and importance to none other than Bitcoin.

How much faster is Cardano than Ethereum?

How Much Faster is Cardano than Ethereum?

As earlier mentioned, Cardano was created to be an Ethereum killer, and this comes with a general improvement in all areas where Ethereum lacks.

In terms of speed, it takes Cardano just a second to handle up to 250 transactions on its network, which is quite decent.

However, there have been plans by the Cardano development team to set up a scaling solution known as Hydra that will see Cardano achieve up to 1000 transactions per second in the future.

Ethereum, on the other hand, does a maximum of 30 transactions per second currently, although it has been said that the Merge should see its transaction speed improve by 999,900%, making it rise from 30 transactions per second to as high as 100,000 transactions per second.

Should this happen, Ethereum will witness a meteoric rise in terms of transaction speed that will see it rank among the upper echelons of the fastest blockchain networks.

For the time being, Cardano surpasses Ethereum in terms of transaction speed by as much as 220 transactions per second.

Three key factors that differentiate Cardano from Ethereum

The following are the key factors that differentiate Cardano from Ethereum:


Ethereum is known to be very valuable, second only to Bitcoin in terms of this consideration, as it has witnessed a massive global adoption, making it highly attractive to investors who want to make transactions.

Cardano, on the other hand, although having value, is still growing, as evidenced by its handling far fewer transactions than Ethereum (100,000–1,000,000).

Nonetheless, it is expected that Cardano, with its improved features, will catch up to Ethereum soon enough.

Time duration

Ethereum has been known to be in existence since 2015, whereas Cardano was recently launched in 2017.

This time gap has afforded Ethereum the chance to perfect itself, whereas Cardano has had to grow and improve with time, as evidenced by its recent release of smart contracts, which had already been released years ago by Ethereum.

Transaction fees

Cardano offers more affordable transaction fees, which sometimes go as low as $1 or even less. This is also one major area where it has Ethereum beat since the transaction fees of Ethereum are higher.

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Final Thoughts

Cardano and Ethereum are both impressive blockchain networks with unique features that make them different.

With Cardano steadily rising within the ranks and Ethereum introducing new developments, you should expect to see both of these networks with much more improved features and functionalities soon.

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