How to Create Cardano NFTS with the Cardano Token & NFT Builder

2/19/2023, 2:05:51 PM - Eddu Oz
How to Create Cardano NFTS with the Cardano Token & NFT Builder

After the break out of NFTmania, there’s been a lot of debate on the low cost of creating NFTs.

Creators of arts have been exploring new ways to earn from the blockchain. The idea of NFTs paved the way for these creators to earn from their work. This hype also witnessed the influx of NFT creator apps in the market, all with the objectives of simplifying the process and making it available to NFT enthustiats.

For minting NFTs on the Cardano blockchain, Cardano NFTs need to be identified by a unique ID since asset names can be easily duplicated.

In this post, I will show you how to create artworks using the Cardano blockchain.

Key Takeaways

• Cardano is a distributed proof-of-stake blockchain platform of the third generation.

• Cardano comes with assured attributes of verification, security, fast pace; and a smooth flow of exchangeability.

• The blockchain platform aims to provide banking services to the world’s unbanked.

• The attribute of unexchangeable currency in NFT creates a digital scarcity, which naturally inflates the token’s worth.

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Before we get further, let us take a look at what NFTs are.

What Are NFTs?

How to Create Cardano NFTS with the Cardano Token & NFT Builder

NFTs are known as elements of digital artworks that are built on blockchain technology.

Pictures, memes, video clips and music includes some of the most popular artworks created digitally. At a point, tweets are also part of the list.

With that simple explanation of what NFTs are, let’s forge ahead to how to easily and easily create Cardano NFTs.

A full-stack developer created a Cardano Token and NFT Builder some years ago and he revealed that his creation was based on his passion for the ADA community.

The developer originally built the platform for personal use, where he shortly created tokens and NFTs for messing around. With time, he realized that the platform could be helpful to others who weren’t developers themselves – those who couldn’t read long documentation or have any knowledge of running a Cardano node.

Meanwhile, you can review this post on how to create Cardano NFTs (developer mode).

From there, he made significant changes to serve other people and incorporated a way to make money from his invention. Which is remarkable.

Creating a Cardano NFT with this platform will take about 10 minutes of your time. And the whole process is automatic, so you don’t have to get scared of codes.

Now. Let explore the basics of creating Cardano NFTs.

Basic Requirements to Create Cardano NFTs

A wallet that can receive Cardano NFTs. The New Ledger Nano S PLUS signs and sends NFT transactions. You may want to see the review here.

Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami, Gero, and CCVault, are all great options to choose from, as far as it supports Cardano NFTs.

The total cost of the transaction is around is 5 ADA.

Note: During this process, you should not send ADA via an exchange. This is because the Cardano blockchain technology NFTs is programmed to only accept a native Cardano wallet for efficient storage. And so you risk losing your NFT if you should send ADA via an exchange instead of a native Cardano wallet.

Steps to Create Your Own Cardano NFTS

This is the link to the platform here, click on it and head straight to the platform. Another option is to copy and paste this address to your browser –

Guide to Creating Cardano NFTs with the NFT Builder

Once you are on the platform, on the home page, there are two options provided.

Locate the one with NFT and click on it, once opened, you can start the creation process.

How to Create Cardano NFTS with the Cardano Token & NFT Builder

1. Know which NFT you want to create and fill in the information needed

Start with filling in every necessary information needed: platform name for your NFT, name an author, enter a description and upload your media file. Media files like Images, Audio, or Video have a maximum upload size of 15MB.

Final validation is required for your NFT before the minting with the platform. They will also ask if you allow them to display your NFT in the future and finally you have to accept their terms and conditions. Once done, move to the next step.

2. Check the confirmation page and send the required amount of ADA

Now, you have to check the confirmation page and send the required amount of ADA needed by the platform. The platform uses this amount in coining your NFT, afterwards to cover the min ADA requirements, you will receive 2 ADA by the platform.

This is so because, on Cardano, a minimum amount is required to perform a certain transaction on the platform. And so, you will receive more details on transactions performed. But the whole process should cost more than 5 ADA as earlier mentioned.

3. You’ve created your NFT

The platform node is where your NFT will be made and subsequently uploaded on an IPFS node. The path of the image will be received in the metadata during the process.

While the policy is being created, the time-lock policy type is applied, and you will receive the slot number that you can verify in the metadata.

4. Your wallet will receive the NFT

The NFT will be sent back to the payment address where the ADA was received from. And more metadata will also be received.

The metadata will be in a JSON Format and important information about your NFT will be contained in it. With this, your token is ready for use by either you or others.

Wait while the process completes…

How to Create Cardano NFTS with the Cardano Token & NFT Builder

Once all is done, you have to simply wait while the process completes. It’s not going to be created almost immediately. Keep your browser open while waiting.

While waiting, don’t get nervy and worried. Blockchain technology ensures that every transaction is seen and so we know when it reaches a wallet because the process is all connected.

On the Cardano blockchain, you can create NFTs quite easily and quickly with just 5 ADA. And now is one of the best times to create your NFT considering how low the ADA is recent.

Final Thoughts

Creating NFTs on the Cardano blockchain is easy and fast with this platform. NFTs are used in multiple ways.

With NFTs on the rise, famous platforms such as Ethereum, Polygon(Matic), Wax blockchain, Cardano blockchain, Flow blockchain; are created and include privacy-preserving techniques to fully serve a wide range of users instead of just artists.

Cardano has been trending effectively amongst all other platforms. The basic use of Cardano is in identity and traceability management.

Due to this, Cardano has the potential to become one of the biggest platforms for issuing, curating, and transferring NFTs from one user to another.

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