6 Best Blockchain Certification Training Right Now

2/21/2023, 12:40:31 AM - Henry Chikwem
6 Best Blockchain Certification Training Right Now

The Demand for Blockchain Jobs

Many fintech companies and other SMEs have begun to embrace Blockchain technology, they are now implementing being the future technology powering transactions, faster and safer.

This new wave of blockchain mass adoption has driven the demand for blockchain developers worldwide with attractive salary offers.  On average, the pay for a Blockchain developer may average $68K p.a. For expert blockchain developers salaries could get up to $150K p.a.

The quest for blockchain expertise is skyrocketing globally by 517% according to Hired.

Best Blockchain Certification Training Right Now

Data from Hired reveals that a lot of engineers are seeking blockchain expertise in this area which has also inched up blockchain training and certifications around the world.

Now I’ll take you through the best Blockchain online courses and certification recommendations after you read this introduction about blockchain that will set you on the path of becoming a well-sort after Blockchain developer.

Key Takeaways

Top Companies offer smart contract courses at a 30% discount.

 • Coursera offers Blockchain courses at $399 a year.

 • C++ programming is required for building Blockchain technology and other decentralized applications.

 • Pluralsight offers video courses on Blockchain technology for $299 per year.

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Here’s a list of the best course and certifications you can take to become a Blockchain developer:

1. Henry Harvin Blockchain Certification Course

This course gives a general highlight on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and multi-chain Blockchain platforms. 

You will also have 32 hours of intensive training sessions, as well as understand how all the data along with the transactions pass through the maximum trust verification process before being attached to the block.

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You will learn in this course:

 • Monthly Bootcamp sessions.

 • How to recover lost data.

 • Understand how the transactions are put in chronological order.

 • Learn the use and importance of cryptography.

 • Learn how to verify data without the use of third parties.


2. Blockchain Specialization — Coursera

You could take the specialty at Coursera to move to large courses that will teach you as a beginner to an advanced blockchain level and how to create smart contracts and secure channels that develop decentralized applications.

If you like Coursera, then this is the best specialty for Blockchain learning. You will be granted Blockchain certification if you have not completed Coursera Specialization and a collection of courses and projects.

Starting from usual blockchain cryptography concepts, move to create smart agreements that allow users to define certain rules and, when those rules are met, execute certain codes and then create a decentralized application and much more.

You will learn in this course:

 • The basics of Blockchain.

 • Creating smart contracts.

 • Developing a decentralized application.

You will also learn a certification that you can add to your CV or add to your LinkedIn profile after completing this Blockchain Coursera specialization.

By the way, if you find specialization and qualifications useful at Coursera, you should also participate in Coursera Plus, a Coursera Subscription Plan that allows you unlimited access to its most popular courses, specialization, certificates, and guided projects.

This costs approximately $399 per year but it will give you well enough value at that price.


3. Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain

This is yet another extensive and practical course to learn Udemy’sBlockchain. Completing the development of secure blockchain technology with another course, you will understand the theory behind cryptocurrency transactions and how to blockchain.

Beginning with some theoretical lessons on the way cryptography works, you start the development of the environment such as installing the environment on your computer to create smart contracts. Designing and developing a decentralized app and finally implementing your app.

You will learn in this course:

 • Theoretical lessons on the Blockchain.

 • Develop your smart contract and Blockchain.

 • Create your Cryptocurrency

In short, one of the best courses to understand what is Blockchain and how whole cryptocurrency things work.

This course was created by Kirill Eremenko and his Super Data Science team which is behind many great Machine learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence courses.


4. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional by 101 Blockchains

This is another comprehensive online course and training program to become an enterprise-level Blockchain Professional. It’s a 4-week program with 3 to 4 sessions each week to learn Blockchain in-depth with proof of work and become a certified Blockchain developer.

What you will learn from this course:

 • Understand the core concepts of Blockchain technology and its ecosystem.

 • Learn how to approach blockchain implementation.

 • Learn up-to-date tools to become an effective Blockchain professional.

 • Public and private Blockchains.

 • How to create smart contracts.

Some may find this course a little expensive at $397 but many companies such as IBM, Capgemini, Cisco, Cognizant, and others trust it to join.

In addition, they now offer a 30 percent discount, due to the current global conditions. When you join this course, you can use the BCHAIN30 code to get 30% off.

You will also be certified to show your knowledge and experience from Blockchain which you would use to add to your LinkedIn Profile Summary.


5. Blockchain — Principles and Practices (Pluralsight)

This is one of the best Blockchain Pluralsight courses. Developers with a solid understanding of C# and a wish to develop blockchain technology, I strongly recommend that you start with this Pluralsight course and move into advanced training.

Start by understanding the cryptography that protects the identity of the user and ensures a secure transaction and then moves on to the storage of a single transaction within a block then to multiple transactions.

What you will learn from this course:

 • Understanding the cryptography used in blockchain.

 • Adding multiple transactions into one block.

 • Link the blocks together to create the blockchain.

 • You will also learn how to like blocks together and avoid block tampering and more.

Also, to watch this course will cost you about $29 per month, or $299 per year, you would need a Pluralistic Membership. I recommend you get one when you don’t have a Pluralsight subscription as it’s great to learn and offers access to over 7000+ online courses on the latest technology.

You also have free access to this course with your 10-day trial.


6. Learning Blockchain Development with EOS and C++ (Udemy)

Here, C++ developers are targeted at developing and applying intelligent contracts in solid blockchain technology and learn from the dApp ecosystem.

You start with an overview of C++ programming language fundamental principles by using various libraries within your code and then build the Blockchain-Etherum technology and the decentralized application.

You will learn in this course:

 • Learn the basics of Blockchain.

 • Learn how to code using the C++ language.

 • Building the decentralized app.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is a certified Blockchain expert worth it?

 • Yes, a certified Blockchain expert is worth the investment especially for engineers who have an in-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology and know-how to build Blockchain-based applications.

2. Where is the best place to learn Blockchain?

 • There are so many good online sites that offer courses on Blockchain extensively. A few of them are Henry Harvin, Udemy, IBM, Coursera, Khan Academy, etc.

3. Is Blockchain the future?

 • Blockchain at the moment has cut across various sectors and industries in our world today. It is already being used in smart contracts, identity management, supply chain management, and much more. Permit me to say that the full limits of Blockchain are still yet unknown.

4. Who is the father of Blockchain?

 • Satoshi Nakamoto is the father of Blockchain. Nakamoto authored the Bitcoin whitepaper and deployed the original Bitcoin implementation. He remained active in Bitcoin’s implementation and growth over the years until December 2010.  

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Final Thoughts

Just in case you’ve been considering Blockchain, or you desire to venture into a career path in Blockchain or you are a professional in a firm using Blockchain technology, then the above courses will aid your learning about making use of Blockchain technology.

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