9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

2/9/2023, 8:45:52 AM - Eddu Oz
9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

Hardware wallets are still the safest type of crypto wallet there is.

Just like software wallets, there are also cons and pros to hardware wallets, and therefore a choice to make before buying one.

Depending on how often you move or use your wallet, your choice of wallet might be something very portable or something very isolated.

We look at the upsides of the Trezor Mannequin  T in this article. It’s important to note that the Trezor Mannequin T is the same as the Trezor Model T

Key Takeaways

 • Supports the purchase and storage of over 1389 cryptocurrencies.

 • Top-tier cryptocurrency wallet with impressive touchscreen

 • 240 x 240 large full-color touchscreen.

 • Compatible with several third-party software wallets

 • Compatible with major PC Operating systems.

 • Store cryptocurrency and private keys with ease

 • Excellent customer support

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Trezor Mannequin T

9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

The Trezor hardware wallet, a small-sized, single-purpose computer, created by SatoshiLabs, securely stores crypto assets by storing the private keys in a highly protected and isolated environment.

TREZOR Mannequin T, popularly known as Trezor Model T, is the second hardware wallet released by SatoshiLabs in 2018, an upgrade to the Trezor One.

9 Important Facts about Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

Looking to buy a hardware wallet for the safety of your crypto wallets? Below are 9 important facts about the Trezor Mannequin T/Model T hardware wallet.

1. Easy to Set up

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One thing is to buy a hardware wallet, another thing is to know how to set it up and use it. It will be of no use if you do not know how to make use of it.

Trezor Mannequin  T, with its large visual screen, makes initial setup easy as you get to see exactly what you are doing right on the hardware wallet itself.

2. Purchase and Swapping of Crypto Assets

Other than keeping your crypto assets safe from possible hack and theft, you can also buy and sell crypto directly from your wallet.

Trezor Model T was developed for you to purchase coins and tokens using third-party applications installed on the device.

9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

Among others, there are exchange apps that make it possible for you to sell and swap your tokens with efficient native altcoin support. ETH, ETC, XRP, and now supported directly through the app.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple can be purchased with Fiat right in your Trezor Mannequin  T hardware wallet with the aid of the Trezor wallet app.

3. Large Full-color Touchscreen

9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

Trezor Mannequin  T comes with a large, full-color touchscreen display. Talking of hardware wallets, this is the only one where you can find such a large screen (240 x 240 Pixel), having reviewed other wallets.

The large screen makes entering passwords and PINs easier instead of tiny buttons present in Trezor One or the Ledger Nano S.

With Model T’s large screen, you’re sure to get a good and informative display of what you are at or what actions you are performing on the hardware wallet and review crypto addresses. So much for ease of usage.

4. Supported Cryptocurrencies

Supported crypto is a very important feature to consider before you purchase a wallet.

There would be no point in buying a wallet that you cannot keep your crypto assets within because such assets are not supported.

Trezor supports 1816 coins and tokens with Trezor Model T supporting over 1389 cryptos alone.

9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

Good news then, Trezor Model T supports over 1200 crypto coins and tokens on its hardware wallets. These include among many, popular coins and tokens like:

• Bitcoin

• Ripple

• Ethereum

• Tether

• Bitcoin Cash

• Ethereum classic and more

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5. Supported Operating Systems

To use your hardware wallet, you are going to need to connect it to a computer.

9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

Trezor Mannequin  T wallet is supported on Windows (beginning from version 10), macOS (version 10.11 and newer), and Linux operating systems.

9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

For mobile Operating systems, it is supported on Android OS using a USB type C connection. There is no support for iOS devices yet

Browsers supported by this hardware wallet are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

6. Security and Safety

Trezor Model T is a cold wallet which means everything about your wallet is stored offline, away from the prying fingers of hackers lurking on the web.

9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

The Trezor Model T has multiple layers of security. Access to the wallet and assets within requires a PIN code that you create yourself.

An added security layer to the PIN is an option for a passphrase. This makes it possible to create a separate wallet account on the device that is only accessible with both the PIN and passphrase.

On safety,

The Trezor is CE and RoHS certified, so it meets all quality, reliability, and environmental standards.

7. Backup and Recovery (Shamir backup)

What’s special about Shamir backup?

The Shamir HODL Pack lets you make distributed backups for stronger security with Shamir backup

Using Shamir backup, wallets are recovered only if a certain number of shares are present. By hiding each share separately, you prevent anyone else from accessing your funds if they find your secure storage place. 

Shamir backup is a better system for backing up recovery seeds. Compared to the traditional way of backing up recovering seeds.

1. If a recovery seed gets into the hand of a wrong person, your assets will still be safe

2. If a recovery seed becomes ungettable (maybe due to fire damage, misplacement, etc), you can still have access to your assets.

Trezor Model T supports Shamir but Trezor One does not.

Most wallets use a standard 12-word seed phrase for recovering your wallet backup, but the Trezor Model T uses a more advanced 24-word recovery seed phrase.

9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

Get a backup pack to manage bitcoin more easily, with your keys safe in cold storage. The Trezor Model T Backup Pack is the perfect upgrade to a paper or makeshift recovery seed and is purpose-built to stay readable following extreme damage.

9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)
Trezor Mannequin (Model T) Backup
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This is more secure than the former and makes it more difficult for any unauthorized access to your wallet. However, you can still choose to use the 12-word phrase instead.

8. Pricing

9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

Compared to other hardware wallets available, Trezor Model T is a bit more expensive, topping at a cost EUR189 excluding tax and shipping fee.

9 Facts About the New Trezor Mannequin (Model T)

If you are into crypto on a small scale, purchasing a hardware wallet this expensive to store a very minimal amount of crypto assets is not such a good idea.

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9. Trezor Mannequin (Model T) Technical Details

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The Trezor is a mini device on its own and can still be useful to you in some other ways aside from safely guarding your crypto assets.

It has a Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) and FIDO2 compatibility feature, meaning you can use your Trezor Model T as an authentication device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the difference between Trezor One and Model T?

The major difference between the Trezor One and Trezor Model T is the larger touchscreen on Model T. Asides from that, the Trezor Model T also comes with more support for more cryptocurrencies and other features. Plus a 24-word recovery phrase instead of 12.

Q2. Is the Trezor Model T worth it?

Being the most expensive no doubt, the Trezor Model T is worth every penny. A very easy-to-use hardware wallet with top-notch security is worth the initial expense considering that it is the safety of your assets that we are talking about.

Final Thoughts

With top security, ease of setup and use, and excellent customer service, it is a choice hardware wallet that is good also for beginners. If you are not bothered by the price, go ahead and buy the Trezor Model T.

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