5 Traits of a Forex Trader You Should Copy

2/14/2023, 8:21:32 AM - Eddu Oz
5 Traits of a Forex Trader You Should Copy
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Surfing and Forex Trading

Like a few other businesses, forex trading demands skill, patience, experience, and some dose of luck. Trading forex has its own risks which makes it not suitable for everyone.

The traits of a forex trader may be similar to someone surfing the beach every other weekend.

In as much as surfing is a thrilling experience that sticks once you get a hold of it, only a few will take the courage to test the waters.

5 Traits of a Forex Trader You Should Copy

There are a few things in common between a forex trader and a surfer. Let’s examine what traits have kept a few traders profitable while staying long in the game.

How well have you managed money in time past? If you were given a new opportunity with money, how would you treat it?

Your decision to invest in currencies needs to be examined to know the real motives.

Are you investing in the currency market just to get your chest of your failed business(s)?

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Well, there is no right and wrong reason to take a shot at trading currencies. Having the right mindset towards trading currencies is the starting point.

Examine your motives for investing in the currency market before signup for a trading account.

Once you have all these sorted out in your mind and have taken the right steps to disabuse your mind of getting rich quickly, then you can trade learn trading currencies purposefully and effectively.


Trading the currency market requires a combination of these sets of attributes to invest, stay, earn, and profit in the long run.

Must-haves for a Currency Trader

Must-Have an Analytical Mind

Without the ability to read and understand currency pairs and market charts, how would one analyze the market?

As major economies of the world make economic and fiscal policies, the currency markets react to the news thereby influencing the direction of the market.

Technical analysis is a tool in the trader’s arsenal that he must deploy before initiating any trade, he must analyze currency trends through hourly, daily, weekly charts to get a sense of the likely direction of the market.

Ability to Take Calculated Risks

Take risks does not mean making decisions without weighing the corresponding consequences. Currency trading can be very profitable and it can also be risky as well if you do not know what you’re doing.

Before you click the “Buy” or “Sell” button, ensure you have predicted with tested tools that 50-80% of the time, your trades will end in a profit.

As a beginner, a test of your predictions with smaller lot sizes until you understand the flow and gain confidence in your risk-taking. The bottom line, avoid the temptation to make more profit which has ruined many currency traders today.

Patience and Staying power

Like every other business, there will be good and bad days, experienced traders also face it. Bad days could arise as a result of government policies, social unrest, adverse climatic changes, and so on, which is not your fault or that of the trader’s.

These events affect the currency market, causing an uptick in certain currencies and a plunge in some. Depending on the currency pairs you’re trading, you could be trading above the curve to a massive profit exit or be far beneath towards a loss.

Bad days do not mean that currency trading is bad altogether. Having this at the back of your mind will prepare you better for the days ahead.

Ability to Follow and Understand the News

The currency market is one of the most volatile markets in the world today. Since it is a global market where currencies are exchanged every second over the counter.

The currency market reacts to virtually economic and financial news most especially news emerging from the 4 trading zones (North America (NY & CAD), Europe (UK & EU), Asia (JP & HKG), Australia (AU & NZD)

Taking a loss and Recovering

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Taking a loss is a trader’s nightmare. In currency trading, losses do occur despite nearly accurate predictions. One needs to understand the reason for losses and make amends. These are the areas you possibly could check for errors.

We wish you a successful trading.

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