Best Currency Pairs for Sydney Trading Session

2/19/2023, 9:49:59 AM - Henry Chikwem
Best Currency Pairs for Sydney Trading Session

Trading forex requires knowledge and a bit of experience. Knowing the right currency pairs to trade is as important as understanding the characteristics of the session you’re about to trade.

The Sydney trading session opens at 22:00 GMT and closes at 6:00 GMT. This is a total of eight hours of complete and rigorous trading, although, during the winter period, the duration can be shorter.

That said, the Sydney trading session is one of the four sessions in the forex market and has specific currency pairs that are best traded during this time.

Best Currency Pairs for Sydney Trading Session

Key Takeaways

• Currency pairs that have USD as their base currency are most often preferred by traders in the Sydney session as opposed to cross pairs.

• You need to take note of each of the trading sessions as different currency pairs are best suited for different trading sessions. This is necessary for you not to make mistakes while trading in the forex market.

In this article, you shall find out what these currency pairs are to enable you to make a decision on which to go for once the Sydney trading session takes place.

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Best Currency Pairs for Sydney Trading Session

This currency pair shows the relationship between the United States Dollar and the Japanese Yen and is a major currency pair, which suggests that this pair is one of the most popular currency pairs in the forex market.

Also, both currencies have very close characteristics, which shows that they are more or less on equal footing, hence the reason why they may have varying interest rates as set by their respective banks.


Best Currency Pairs for Sydney Trading Session

The AUD/USD currency pair is currently the most active in the Sydney session, with the pair being a representative of Australia and the United States, two well-developed economies.

The fact that this pair fluctuates long enough to have enough spread for traders to make considerable profits from and its general stability as well makes it a first choice among traders during the Sydney session.


Best Currency Pairs for Sydney Trading Session

The EUR/USD currency pair is a major currency pair in the forex market. As such, it is no surprise that it is also one of the best currency pairs in the Sydney session.

This currency pair is a major currency pair showing the exchange values of the world’s largest economies in Europe and the United States.

It also takes the best parts of volatility and liquidity with low spreads, making it very suitable for trading for both new and experienced traders.

Understanding the EUR/USD pair is done the same way for other currency pairs as well. A rise in the price of EUR/USD simply means that the EUR is gaining more value at the expense of the USD and vice versa.

Finally, like most currency pairs, the EUR/USD is influenced majorly by the interest rates set by the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve Bank.


Best Currency Pairs for Sydney Trading Session

The USD/CHF is popularly referred to as the “swissie” and is generally known to have impressive volumes and liquidity—two features that would incite the interest of traders in making use of this pair.

Furthermore, this currency pair is also used by traders to hedge their portfolios in the event of a downturn, which is something you might want to consider while trading.

This event is facilitated by the fact that Switzerland has a solid banking system and a neutral standpoint on political issues, making its currency the best bet as a result.


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The AUD/JPY currency pair is referred to as a cross pair with a high level of liquidity and a less than impressive amount of volatility.

This pair is best suited for investors who have a large appetite for taking risks, which is why care has to be taken if you are the risk-averse type of trader.

Moving on, this currency pair represents the economies of both Australia and Japan, with both economies being in the same class.

If you want to trade with the AUD/JPY currency pair, you should do this when the volatility is around the average range. That way, the best volatility is made available to you at a much-reduced cost.

Final Thoughts

The Sydney session in the forex market is best suited for certain currency pair trading, which you need to take note of in order not to incur losses.

This article has provided you with a list of these currency pairs, so if the Sydney session is your preferred, you can proceed to make use of any of them while trading.

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