How Much Does an MT5 Server Subscription Cost?

2/11/2023, 8:48:51 PM - Emmanuel Adewumi
How Much Does an MT5 Server Subscription Cost?

MT5 was released in 2010, to serve as a more robust upgrade to the MT4, and to phase out the MT4 platform.

Ever since MT5’s launch, MT5 offered more flexibility and functionality for its users. MT5 brings the appeal of far more usability in more indicators, an increased number of timeframes, and a far better user interface and experience compared to MT4.

MT5 also comes with more dynamic markets for traders along with tools to analyze and manage trades! With MT5 becoming very popular among traders, Forex brokers have been scrambling to be among early MT5 server license owners, but there is an issue, one-time MT5 licenses seem to no longer exist!

Before February 2021, it was possible to get a license with a one-time fee, now it is no longer possible to pay a one-time license fee.

This is because Metaquotes has changed its pricing model for MT5 servers and white labels into a subscription-based one. This means that companies have to pay a certain amount of subscription each month of usage, instead of paying for licenses in a lump sum.

This new model is beneficial to starting a business as they do not have to shell out a large chunk of their capital at once for a license, the monies can be used to finance other aspects of their organization while they gain a foothold in the market.

To gain a foothold in the market, a company must know the price of various plans available so they can carry out a cost-benefit analysis before going into the business.

In this post, I will tell you how much MT5 subscription costs and the features of each plan, so you can choose the one that suits you most.

Can You Use an Existing MT4 License?

An already existing MT4 broker license cannot be used on MT5, this is mainly because MT5 and MT4 operate on different servers, and therefore already existing MT4 brokers must subscribe to one of the subscription options available.

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White label

A white label license is a cost-effective solution used by retailer brokers. They utilize an already established brand’s services and pass it off as theirs.

MT5 charges a flat fee and a monthly support fee which is usually inclusive of support for mobile and desktop versions.

Main label/full license subscription

An MT5 main label is also known as a full license subscription. It is mostly used by big and established brokerage companies. It is a very costly license to operate.

How Much Does an MT5 Server Subscription Cost?

What are the MT5 server subscription options available?

There are three different options that you can choose from

  1. Entry
  2. Standard
  3. Enterprise 

Entry plan

The MetaTrader entry plan is usually suitable for small and start-up companies. It comes with the opportunity for you to register 1,000 real accounts, the main label (also called client desktop terminal), a web terminal, client mobile terminals, a manager terminal, and an administrator terminal.

On the server side, the entry plan comes with 1 trade server, 1 history server, an access server, and 1 backup server.

Standard License

The MetaTrader standard license comes with 25,000 real accounts,25,000 client desktop terminals, client mobile terminals, mobile terminals, and administrator terminals.

This plan is more suitable for emerging or startup companies who want more flexibility to be able to process distributed trades efficiently.

Enterprise plan

The enterprise plan is a very good plan that comes with 200,000 default real accounts, client desktop terminals, client mobile terminals, mobile terminals, and manager administrator terminals

This license is especially suitable for businesses that have highly-demanding business requirements.

Most adopters of this plan are established institutions like liquidity providers, and banks that are operating on multiple markets and serving multiple and large clients.

MT5 Server Subscription (Comparing the plans)

DescriptionEntry planStandard licenseEnterprise plan
Real accounts100025000200000
Mobile terminal (client)availableavailableavailable
Desktop terminal (client)availableavailableavailable
manager mobile terminalavailableavailableavailable
Administrator terminalsavailableavailableavailable
Trade servers114
History server114
Backup servers114

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best MT5 license type is dependent on many factors, including how much an MT5 license costs.

The type of traders that a broker seeks to attract to their platform, and the availability of technical support among others, therefore brokerage companies must carry out a cost-benefit analysis to determine their best license option.

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