How to use Trezor with Cryptosteel Capsule

2/21/2023, 11:46:34 PM - Sene Bestman
How to use Trezor with Cryptosteel Capsule

Hardware wallets keep your assets safe from online threats, but they are not invincible. They can get destroyed, broken, or damaged, in which case you will need to use your 24-word recovery seed phrase to restore your wallet on a new ledger device.

Trezor wallet generates the only backup of your wallet during the device initialization. Satoshi Labs, makers of Trezor wallets, do not have access to your recovery phrase or private keys and do not store them for you. You are responsible for the safe storage of your recovery phrase.

Your wallet backup should always be stored offline away from hacks and other threats. Hence, Trezor devices always come with recovery sheets for you to write your recovery seed phrase on and store in a safe place. While recovery sheets safely store your seed phrase, they can also get damaged by several factors such as water and fire.

You can improve the security of your crypto assets with the use of seed phrase storage to keep your recovery phrase safe at all times. In this article, we will talk about Cryptosteel seed storage and how to use Trezor with Cryptosteel Capsule.

Key takeaways

• The Recovery seed phrase grants access to your crypto assets without the need for a PIN. Hence, it is important to store them in a very secure location as a backup of your wallet.

• Cryptosteel seed storage is made of high-grade 304 Stainless steel, making it resilient to extreme conditions.

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About Cryptosteel Capsule Seed Storage

The Cyptosteeel Capsule is the second-generation backup wallet from Cryptosteel. It consists of a tube-like container housing a core column in the center on which lettered tiles are stacked. The tiles are engraved with alphabets and by combining them, words in the seed phrase can be spelled out. All parts of the Cyptosteel Capsule, the tiles, core, and the container are made from the same material – stainless steel grade 304, making it strong enough to resist damage from water, fire reaching a temperature of up to 1200°C, pressure, falls, and other forms of damages.

Cryptosteel Capsule

To give your crypto assets the best protection,


How To Use Trezor With Cryptosteel Capsule To Protect Your Seed Phrase

Getting the Ledger Cryptosteel Capsule is sure a good thing, but it is very important to know how to use one.

When you begin to use Trezor with Cryptosteel Capsule to protect your seed phrase, you should be very careful while doing so as a single error can cause you not to be able to recover your crypto assets.

  • Begin by checking the recovery phrase you wrote on the recovery sheets to ensure they are correct. Check recovery seed by going to the Trezor Wallet interface and navigating to the Advanced option in device settings. If you do not have it written on a recovery sheet, you can copy your wallet seed phrase from the wallet display. Copy everything, word for word, alphabet for alphabet as it is displayed, taking care not to omit, add, or mix up any alphabet. Set out each segment of your seed phrase on a flat surface to avoid confusion when you begin to stack the tiles
  • Open the Cryptosteel capsule by unscrewing the cap at the bottom.
use Trezor with Cryptosteel capsule
  • Remove the informative ribbon on the core and then set the core down such that it is sitting on the cap.
  • Slide the character tiles unto the core, one by one, beginning from the first word. Separate each word with a separator tile. Trezor hardware wallets can be configured to use 12, 18, or 24 words recovery phrases depending on the model you are using. If your model uses a recovery phrase beyond 12 words, you will need to use the first four letters of each word. Double-check and triple-check each word as you enter them. This is going to be the only chance you will have to do so.
putting tiles on cryptosteel capsule core

  • After inserting the last letter of the last segment, insert the fastener on the core and bend the tiny strap 90 degrees to hold everything in place.
  • Insert the core back into the capsule and screw it back tightly in place.

Now that your seed phrase is safely stored within the capsule, you can now keep it in a safe place.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How do you read Cryptosteel?

Loosen the fastener and push it outward a bit to loosen the tiles. Now you can go ahead to read the backup letter by letter. Do not remove the fastener completely.

Q2. Is Trevor fireproof?

No, Trezor is not fireproof, though it is built to be rugged and durable.

Q3. Why do I only need the first 4 letters for each word in a mnemonic seed phrase?

All words on the BIP39 list, do not have the same first 4 letters. Since the capacity of seed storage is limited, it is best to truncate the words to accommodate all.

Final thoughts

Always keep your seed phrase offline and not on any application or device that is connected to the internet. When you use Trezor with Cryptosteel Capsule, ensure to always check that you are stacking the correct seed phrases as mistakes will cost you access to your assets forever. It is better to have more than one backup to avoid this.

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