How Can eCommerce Business Owners Save On Taxes?

10/20/2022, 1:45:30 AM - Guest
How Can eCommerce Business Owners Save On Taxes?

While it is not possible for eCommerce businesses to evade tax season, they can lower their burden with smart planning.

Thanks to Federal tax credits and deductions, entrepreneurs can free up some cash and deal with their annual tax returns seamlessly.

However, before we discuss the possible ways to write off taxes for eCommerce businesses, let’s be well-versed in the meaning of tax deductions.

Tax Deductions

Tax deductions are generally categorized as an expense that you can deduct from your taxable income and lower your tax liability accordingly.

It is noteworthy that using the deductions does not mean avoiding your liability or using the system to your advantage. Deductibles are the amount you have already paid in one way or another.

The common deductions businesses are eligible for include:

  • Mortgage interest
  • Unreimbursed medical expenses
  • Charitable gifts
  • Investment losses
  • SALT (state and local taxes) Up to $10,000

Simply put, tax deductions are the amount that you are entitled to recoup.

Note: Deductibles are often industry and business-model-specific. That’s why it is suggested to keep a financial record of everything to avail of its benefits. 

Tips To Save On Taxes

How Can eCommerce Business Owners Save On Taxes?

Hire Wealth Advisors

If your eCommerce business is a startup or you recently started selling your products online as well, it would be wise to work with a wealth advisor.

They can assist you with everything from tax planning and overseeing your investment to filing annual returns and creating a funding plan.

So, if you lack knowledge, their expertise can become your savior. Thereby, they will ensure that your business navigates through complex local, state, and federal taxes with ease. At the same time, they’ll ensure that tax strategies are flexible enough to adapt to the changing eCommerce industry.

Keep Track Of Expenses

Business expenses are inevitable. No matter how much you try, some costs, such as interest payment, rent, and utilities, will have their space in the balance sheet. Due to this, these expenses work in your favor to lower the taxable amount you owe.

However, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) department demands the proper accounts of these expenses.

For instance, even if you are an eCommerce brand, you have to bear vehicle and travel expenses to strike deals and ship the products. So, you can use these overheads to reduce the revenue earned.

Tip: Having a receipt of this overhead will help back up your claim.

Utilize Retirement Plan Contributions

Lastly, setting up a retirement plan for your employees or yourself will aid you in saving finances. Nonetheless, the plan you choose must be recognized by the IRS to lower the tax liability.

Generally, it is recommended to invest in IRAs such as 401(k)s or 403(b)s to enjoy the benefits. The retirement plans for employees vary according to the company’s goals, needs, and industry. So, it would be best to conduct professionals to have it all figured out.

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Final Thoughts

Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are numerous other ways in which you can enjoy tax relief.

Nevertheless, it is not an easy subject matter to deal with on your own. So, you must work with professionals who can assist you with planning, filing returns, and streamlining complex taxes for you.

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