15 Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Products to Promote

2/11/2023, 3:39:14 AM - Eddu Oz
15 Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Products to Promote

Introduction to Cryptocurrency Partnerships

Cryptocurrency has proved to be an all-rounder, touching all aspects of life and making lives better through trading, investing, and partnership.

When it comes to partnership, the crypto space needs the support of sponsors, partners, and affiliates to thrive being an industry with lots of misconceptions and knowledge gaps.

Crypto investing is relatively new to some would-be investors, so partners and affiliates are bridging the gaps making crypto easy-to-understand, scalable, and accessible to everyone.

We can now experience Affiliate marketing at its peak with cryptocurrency products. If you can make it big with others, you can make it bigger with Cryptocurrency affiliate products.

Ledger Nano X- 15 Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Products to Promote

Key Takeaways

• Crypto affiliate programs are referrals platforms that are lucrative giving affiliate opportunities to earn in fiat and crypto. These Crypto Exchanges offer such privileges.

• The cryptocurrency industry, Crypto Exchanges, Digital wallets, Crypto Signals, and other auxiliary services offer lucrative earning potentials.

• With crypto affiliate programs, you have a powerful platform to monetize and reach out to a specific audience.

There are numerous cryptocurrency products with high prospects and high return on investment guaranteed to get a bull run if promoted properly for a steady flow of income monthly.

In this article, 15 cryptocurrency products will be classified accordingly into Crypto Exchange, Crypto Signals, and Digital Hardware Wallets for your best interest and preferences.

Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Products

Crypto Exchanges

A crypto exchange platform is likened to a market where individuals are allowed to register, authenticate their identities, buy Bitcoin including other cryptocurrencies using a bank account number, Crypto debit card, or Crypto credit card, gift card, PayPal, or any other means of payment.

In some places, individuals are allowed to make use of cash or bank transfers to purchase Bitcoin.

Crypto Exchange platforms with great service to promote and make profits from includes…


Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange has superb features and benefits for its supporters.

On Changelly, various cryptocurrencies are traded however, Bitcoin remains the key asset traded on this exchange and even their affiliate investors are paid in Bitcoin the next day after transactions have been carried out.

The affiliate revenues at Changelly are shared in two ways.

Crypto-t0-crypto revenue share = 50%

Fiat-to-crypto revenue share = 30%

According to Changelly, By default, you will get approximately 0.125% of the total C2C transaction turnover as profit.

If your users make a fiat-to-crypto transaction, you will get up to 2% of the total F2C transaction turnover.

You will get a commission from every crypto transaction by users referred by you within 3 months after the first transaction.

Even if the user doesn’t make an exchange right after clicking the link, they will still be considered your referral for 45 more days.

Visit Changelly


Paxful is a global exchange platform that has more than 6 million investors who buy, sell, earn and invest cryptocurrencies using over 300 flexible payment methods.

As an affiliate on Paxful, you get a 50% revenue share when your affiliates or invited user does a cryptocurrency transaction leading to a turnover.

With a $10 earning balance, you can withdraw your affiliate income at your convenience into your wallet. Paxful give users a 90 days cookie length with on-link clicks and a lifetime of payment rewards.

Visit Paxful


Coinbase was established in 2012. Since then, it has gathered a customer base of over 50 million people in more than 99 countries who trust the platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

It has amazing features like; earning up to 50% for the first 3 months, direct payment into bank accounts or PayPal, fast customer support from the USA, and top-notch trackings on campaigns. The cookie duration is 30 days.

Visit Coinbase


Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform is among the largest in the world established in 2017 popular for being secure and reliable. The Exchange trades over 100 cryptocurrencies and has more than 1.5 million transactions carried out within seconds and a volume of 2 billion daily.

The trading on Binance is classified into Spot and Futures. On spot trading, a 41% commission is given whilst futures traders receive 40% which can be increased to 50% for inviting over 500 affiliates. The payments are automatic with a cookie length of 90 days.

To be an affiliate, you must have up to 5,000+ followers on at least one social medium platform. You get paid instantly for referrals and there’s no limit to your earnings.

Visit Binance


Kraken is the Bitcoin exchange platform in the world regarding liquidity and capacity in Euro established in 2011.

With as little as $10 you can get started on Kraken and purchase more than 50 cryptocurrencies.

The Exchange also has a wide range of altcoins for traders. You earn 20% of trading fees paid directly in your default currency into your bank account 5 days after, for as long as your affiliate is on Kraken. It has a cookie length of 180 days.

To sign up as an affiliate, you need a minimum of 5,000 followers on social media, a website, and finance/crypto-related applications.

Visit Kraken

Crypto Signals

Crypto signals are trading ideas from expert traders to buy or sell a particular cryptocurrency at a specific price or time.

Cryptocurrency trading signals can be based on several factors, including news, technical analysis, and the current market climate.

These signal platforms provide amazing offers for their users…

Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals is a cryptocurrency signal platform that was established in 2018 to provide accurate trading signals for cryptocurrencies trading. Being around for a while, they are open to sharing their revenue with affiliates that can drive targeted traffic to their offers.

The platform provides numerous benefits; It provides analysis on cryptocurrencies including information on when to buy and sell crypto coins. The automated trading feature allows you to sleep and earn money.

Universal Crypto Signals offers signals for a lot of cryptocurrency trading pairs, access to a quality support system and a conversation center called premium trollbox, portfolio percentages advice, information on rich trade setups of all form that yields.

Visit Universal Crypto Signals


Learn2Trade is a signal platform in the UK that provides signals via telegram. This service is an educational platform for cryptocurrency that offers a wide range of guidelines on how you should trade.

Traders whose services are employed on Learn2Trade are bright and very promising and also make use of Artificial intelligence with learning to master the market judiciously 24/7.

This service offers a monthly earning of 30-40%, 3-5 signals daily in real-time, entry to a VIP telegram group, and had an 82% success.

Visit Learn2Trade

My Crypto Paradise

This crypto trading group assists individuals in going through the existing challenges in the cryptocurrency world. The group is known for its supportive nature, helping its investors maximize their earnings from the crypto market.

Professional My crypto paradise traders (140+ years experience over diverse investment sectors) spurs the platform by offering signals generated on sound analysis with special analytics who offer timely signals before major moves in cryptocurrencies.

Daily profits are guaranteed due to the team’s ability to offer at least 9 signals on crypto.

Visit My Crypto Paradise


Among the most common and top cryptocurrency platforms in the world is Bityard.

Its headquarter is in Singapore and it provides simple, fast, and secure crypto-asset services in more than 150 countries.

Bityard has an amazing feature of placing a trade from a minimum of 5 USDT or a 20,000 USDT maximum, has an interest rate of 0.05%, and leverage of 5x-100x (great benefit).

Also, deposits are easy to carry out and trading services are accepted in 16 various coins.

Visit Bityard

CoinCodeCap Classic

Since 2018, CoinCodeCap has provided crypto signals to serve as an opportunity for new investors to earn money in the market as they learn how to go about it.

Its advantages are functional use of profit and loss stops, consistent signals, the subscription fee for once, simple setups, round-the-clock monitoring, excellent customer services, signals for major assets, and is easily available on your mobile phone.

The subscription plans with their benefits vary accordingly.

Visit CoinCodeCap

Digital Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are known to be effective and the safest means for individuals and businesses to keep their cryptocurrencies.

They are reliable, trustworthy, and only manufactured by top crypto security companies. They are usually available for purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website.

The following wallets should be considered to boost as promotions for affiliate marketing.

Ledger Nano

Do you want to save your crypto assets securely with comfort and confidence? Ledger is the ideal choice for you. It is a famous hardware wallet in the world that is safe and has advanced security features that keep the private keys of its users is protected hardware.

For Ledger Nano, you get 10% as commission for each sale, payments in Bitcoin monthly, unrestricted account access, diligent customer care service, provision for links, videos, and banners to sponsor promotions.

Its cookie length is for 30 days and you only need your Bitcoin address with an email to be an affiliate.

Visit Ledger Nano


Trezor is a safe cryptocurrency wallet that keeps crypto assets like Bitcoin, private keys; passwords, login, etc. Trezor is a big deal and well-trusted by small and big companies like Forbes.

It provides hefty commissions to its customers, provides materials for their promotions, offers about 15% as commission for sales, with a high frequency, direct monthly payment through wire or Bitcoin, and no restriction to your account.

In as much as it has these awesome benefits, its cookie length is unknown. To become an affiliate, fill up the registration form on their page.

Visit Trezor

BitBox02 wallets

The BitBox02 is a hardware wallet designed and created in Switzerland. It gives you total control over your money; bitcoins, crypto hence, a third party is absent to put your funds at risk. Yet, it remains your responsibility to secure and back up your wallet.

The BitBix02 wallet is transparent to a point that any developer in the globe can audit its code, has a uniquely secured environment that hinders malware and access to other parties, the payment, privacy, and fee features are offered by the software wallet used with the device.

Visit BitBoxo2


The KeepKey Digital wallet was established in 2015 but later acquired by a company, ShaoeShift.

KeepKey uses a technology known as the Recovery Cipher which acts as a word scrabble by reshuffling letters to ensure the wallet’s safety even when

affected by malware.

It has a user-friendly feature, excellent security, able to go through wear and tear, supports a limited number of coins, and shows the recovery phase once.

You get a 25% commission in Bitcoin the next month after start-up and payment for each sale you make.

Visit KeepKey

Coinkite Coldcard

Coinkite is a Bitcoin hardware wallet that is used effectively offline and signed for transactions. The code/seed phrase is saved in a unique chip created to keep secrets safe and is compatible with multiple signatures set up by the user.

Unlike the other wallets, Cold card supports only Bitcoin thus, individuals who desire to have other coins can’t make use of it. It is a very secure wallet with various features.

Visit Coinkite Coldcard

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a cryptocurrency affiliate program?

In simple terms, a cryptocurrency affiliate program is a platform that permits you to be a part of and market/promote cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, etc.

2. What are the best Bitcoin affiliate programs to promote?

Some of the best Bitcoin affiliate programs you should promote are;





3. Are Bitcoin affiliate programs require payment to join?

No, you do not need to pay for any program to become an affiliate. Most of the crypto affiliate platforms are free to join and register.

You may need a certain amount of followers on social media, financial and cryptocurrency applications, and filling the registration form online.

Asides from this, there is no payment required. In doing this, will you be able to make promotions and earn money?

4. How does one earn as a Crypto affiliate marketer?

You either earn through your direct referrals that purchase crypto coins or indirectly from the individuals that purchase coins from your referrals.

Final Thoughts

It is no news how far Cryptocurrency is moving, expanding its shores, and experiencing sporadic increases which led to interest from individuals and marketers.

Therefore, if you want to catch the moving train, to make an extra source of income in an excellent, stress-free, and consistent manner, cryptocurrency is the main deal.

Become an affiliate marketer today to promote the top rising crypto programs and you will be glad you did.

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