12 Crypto Debit Card Errors And How To Fix Them

2/22/2023, 6:42:56 AM - Eddu Oz
12 Crypto Debit Card Errors And How To Fix Them

As cryptocurrency awareness keeps rising, the need to use it for day to day payments continues to do the same. Popular exchanges have already offered debit cards as a means for users to spend their assets with ease.

The use of crypto debit cards eliminates conversion fees that come with exchange rates across countries when using fiat. These days making transactions have been made very easy and convenient.

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Nonetheless, despite its numerous advantages, there are certain crypto debit card errors that occur in the process of making transactions. In this article, you will find out how to fix them.

Moving on, there are apps available such as Google Pay and Apple Pay that makes your mobile phone act as a swift payment means. Crypto users can take advantage of the latest and fast payment methods using crypto debit cards.

Key Takeaways

•Generous spending limits.

•Lower transaction fees.

•Save money for every transaction.

•Crypto debit cards do not require a bank account to set up.

•Easier to fix errors.

Crypto Debit Cards, What Are They?

A Crypto Debit card is a card with a chip, just like the everyday debit cards used with conventional finance institutions for transacting fiat, that is used for transactions involving cryptocurrency. With crypto debit cards, one can make payments easily using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, XRP and other coins.

Crypto Debit Card Errors And How To Fix Them

The last thing one would want is to have a debit card ready for payment and then have it declined when trying to make payment. Below are reasons why your debit card can be declined and how to prevent them from happening in future.

1. There Are Insufficient Funds in Your Wallet

The value of the transaction you are about to make is more than that in your wallet.

Fix: Ensure you have sufficient funds in your wallet before using it.

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2. Incorrect Card Details

While making online purchases, entering the wrong details will cause a card decline error.

Fix: Be sure to enter the correct card details, such as the CVC, and the expiry date of the card you are using.

If you renewed your card, be sure to update the card details of the online payment platform or service you use to reflect the new card.

If everything is correct and you still get a decline, contact the card issuer.

3. Expired Debit Card

You can get a debit card error if your debit card has expired, that is the current date is beyond the date on the debit card.

Fix: Renew your card or get a new one and update the card details on your payment platform.

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4. No Payment Card Added

On Curve, for instance, at least a payment card must be added to your wallet to be able to use your Curve card, else you will get a decline error.

Fix: Add a payment card to your account.

5. Card Type Not Accepted

There are many card types, each with a varying range of locations where they are accepted. Some card types are limited to a few locations and some cannot be used for international transactions.

Fix: Check the card type accepted there before using. You can also go for crypto debit card types that have a wider location coverage.

6. 3D Secure System Malfunction

This happens due to issues with the security system of the card issuer.

Fix: Either contact them or try again some other time. The best fix, use a different card.

7. Card Issuer Decline Error

This is when the card is declined as a result of a temporary hold on the card by the card issuer mainly because of multiple violations. These violations can be multiple counts of a declined payment, location-based violations, or other violations which are not made public but are used to check for fraud.

Fix: Use a different debit card. Try using the card again later. If it is a temporary ban, it might have been lifted at a later time. Contact the issuer to lift the hold.

8. Decline Error Due To Suspicious Activities

When unusual activities involving your debit card are noticed, your card issuer, to protect against possible scam or hack to your funds, can flag it as suspicious, hence it can be declined at the point of purchase.

Fix: Resolve the issue by notifying your card issuer that you are the one or not the one that made such suspicious activities. Necessary actions will be taken and the flag lifted.

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9. Daily Spending Limit Reached

To prevent fraudulent purchases, card issuers usually impose daily limits on cards. This means, one cannot spend beyond the imposed limit within 24 hours, and any transaction that will surpass it will be declined.

Fix: inquire about your spending limit and inform your issuer ahead of time if you intend to spend beyond the daily limit.

10. Debit Card Has Not Been Activated

After getting a crypto debit card, just like every other card, it has to be activated before it can be used. There will be an error if you try to use it before activating it.

Fix: Activate the card before your first use by following the activation process instructed by your card issuer.

11. Wrong PIN Error

The 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a security measure to prove the person using the card is the owner. Entering the wrong PIN will result in an error.

Fix: Ensure you enter the correct PIN. You can write it down in a safe place so you won’t forget. If you have forgotten your PIN, contact your card issuer to reset it.

12. Payment Timeout Error

When the transaction takes too long to complete, an error occurs and payment is declined. The fault can come from any of the parties along the payment processing chain.

Fix: Try the transaction again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Can Crypto Debit Cards be Used Where Only Fiat is Accepted?

Yes, while you pay with crypto, it gets converted to the currency accepted by the merchant.

2. Are Crypto Debit Cards Expensive to Use?

It all depends on the issuer. But with lower fees and swift transactions, they are relatively cheap.

3. Does Crypto Volatility Affect Crypto Debit Cards?

 Yes, it is linked to your wallet and the value varies with the market.

Final Thoughts

Debit card errors are bound to occur and most of the time you might not even know what is wrong, so the best fix for these errors is usually contacting the card issuer.

They will be able to find out the cause and assist in swiftly resolving it. Also, it is always a good idea to have a backup card.

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