10 Most Popular Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Free

2/22/2023, 2:00:03 PM - Eddu Oz
10 Most Popular Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Free

Who wouldn’t want to own a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has gone beyond the reach of many investors, the high price tag now compels them to look at Altcoins.

But it would interest you to know that you can still own a Bitcoin by earning fractions of it over time.

If this sounds good, let’s explore 10 most popular ways to earn bitcoin for free.

1. Coinbase Earn

coinbase earn

Coinbase Earn is a concept by the renowned cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States known as Coinbase. This is how it works: Log on to the Coinbase Earn website

Create an account (free)

Check for the cryptocurrencies supported

Earn crypto for free by learning how other specific cryptocurrencies work. This is quite amazing for beginners and a low-risk way to get into the crypto market.

After then, you can trade earned crypto for BTC with your Coinbase account or reserve the coin in your wallet.

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2. Visit a Store Outlet and Receive Free BTC 

This is most likely one of the quickest means to earn BTC for free after spending money online.

With Lolli or Bitrefill (a Cryptocurrency reward app), you get to earn BTC for regular spending online.

Lolli works with most big online retail outlet and it is something you and family members can enjoy anytime you want and gather a reasonable amount of coins.

Lolli-10 Most Popular Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Free

To begin with the Website, what you need is to access the website via your Web browser – Open an account (free) – Install the chrome version.

Then, anytime you’re shopping through any of the over 500 partner stores, you get to receive free Bitcoins.

Lolli offers a setup that holds only once and, with time, you’ll be able to gather a reasonable amount of BTC through this method. Other apps in the same category as Lolli are Cryptocom and Foldapp.

3. Cointiply

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Cointiply is a BTC rewards site that gives you free BTC after completing the tasks being assigned to you, and for each task concluded, you are given Bitcoin.

It is an entirely free website and immediately after registration, you will see several surveys, quizzes, and various tasks assigned to your age bracket and locale.

Though the process of accumulating BTC through this platform is slow, if you’re determined, you will earn bitcoin (free of charge) at the end of the day and over time.

4. Earn BTC via Trading

One of the legitimate and economic ways of getting BTC is via cryptocurrency trading. The concept is simple, though it requires so much awareness and examination to achieve any level of success.

With this method, the main idea is to diversify and lay funds in several coins while still low in price and then exchange them at a time the price increases in value.

Immediately after this, you receive Satoshi when exchanged for profit as well as more Bitcoins.

You can sell them as many times as possible and it turns out to be relatively good in terms of ROI by just deciding to tailor and watch your favorite cryptos closely and begin to buy them from several exchanges.

A few of the finest crypto exchanges we recommend you exchange at are listed below and on there, you will see virtually every altcoin as well. It features with the one that is most convenient to use for beginners and proceeds to the well-advanced exchanges to seasoned traders:

Binance, Bybit, Gemini Exchange and, Binance Futures.

Arbitrage is seen to be the most dependable way to obtain BTC via trading and mostly occurs at the same time with the selling & buying of coins so that the person can benefit from the fluctuating prices.

He or she can purchase a coin and later sell it quickly at a better price. 

Speculation compared to the first method is much risky. The trader here will purchase the coins and will have to wait till an increase in the price occurs to be sold for traditional currencies.

When the price falls, the trader is likely to purchase more, and with this method, the process is turned over.

He or she either has to be capable of speculating upcoming events or grace for the approach to be of benefit. Experienced traders in the minority can spot the patterns by viewing the price charts.

Let’s talk a little about Gemini Exchange…

Gemini is an Exchange based in New York and also has offices in 48 states in the United States and many other nations in addition to South Korea, Hong Kong, UK, Canada, Singapore, and Puerto Rico.

There are no costs for withdrawals and, deposits but the platform charges about a 1% fee on trades on both the seller and buyer’s trades.

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5. Receive BTC for Offering Help

This is somewhat a unique means of obtaining bitcoins for those brilliant at offline/online research.

Bitfortip is a desktop and mobile platform that gives you rewards for rendering assistance by offering Bitcoin tips to you.

At Bitfortip, any user can ask for whatever he wants and the responder will receive Bitcoin tips back for their response.


For instance, if I want to find out where to purchase a pink, Persian cat in India, I can offer a Bitcoin tip to whoever gives me an answer.

The remarkable thing about this platform which you will like is that they support 11 international languages, thus not allowing many people from around the World to create accounts there.

The kind of questions asked could be: Where can I find silver chopsticks delivered in Australia?

6. Receive BTC When You Lend

In the Bitcoin world, the logic is to set your coin to work. So, for those who already have BTC in reserve, you can set it to work and receive some earnings from it when lent out.

Many top P2P Bitcoin exchanges give leeway for this while providing a reasonable 3-8% reward for your investment (as Bitcoin).

One of these sites that have existed for years now is Blockfi. It is a bitcoin loan site but be aware that the lending space is so unregulated, requiring that you diligently pick the borrower whom you can loan your BTC and stick strictly to the policies of the Website to receive your money at the end.

7. Offer Your Services for Bitcoin

Working for this coin is one of the simplest and very legitimate means of earning it.

Regardless of the profession, a writer, translator, engineer, editor, Internet marketer, freelancer, singer, designer, or developer, your services can be rendered to earn BTC.

Several platforms and services are available in the market that offers you Crypto when your services are rendered.

A few of such websites include:

Crypto.jobs, Cryptogrind, Coinality, Angel.co, and Cointiply.

8. BTC Banking

In this approach, a similar principle as those of banks is imbibed. Although, it is different from P2P lending where the trader spreads the lending activity to many lenders (BTC Banking requires only a single borrower).

The bank lays the Bitcoin just like assets, the only issue is that in the Crypto world, deposit insurance is not guaranteed.

9. Earn Free BTC from Mining

One other way of acquiring BTC is through mining. When mining is done, new Bitcoin transactions are added to the blockchain with a computer, and as soon as it discovers a new block, you will get some free coins. The fastest and easiest way to mine is to get into cloud mining.

The mining process is tedious and hardware intensive, although there are individuals who provide computing power for the pool and with that, Bitcoin is earned through the power without them making efforts to establish their huge mining frame.

Below are some other BTC mining pools:

Bitclub Network is a brilliant place to begin your mining efforts and is viewed as a huge mining pool and is convenient in use.

Slush is a mining pool (among the earliest mining pools), presently the most renowned mining pool. Now, it mines approximately 3% of each of the blocks.

Antpool is a mining pool located in China and owned by Bitmain. From every block it owns, it mines like 25% of all of them.

BTCC is based in China and is among the largest BTC mining pools that currently mines about 7% of every block it owns. 

BitFury is a mining pool and a top full-scale blockchain tech setup that currently mines approximately 2% of every block it owns.

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BONUS: Get BTC from Any of These Exchanges:

These are some of the well-trusted platforms to get Bitcoin and the exciting part is that you are offered a Bitcoin wallet address as well as being able to reserve or expend your coins directly from these wallets. They are Binance and CEX.

CEX offers excellent mobile software for iOS and Android users and you can get BTC of whatever amount on-time.

Final Thoughts

The above stated methods and platforms are legitimate ways of earn Bitcoin even if you cannot exchange fiat currencies for cryptocurrency. Explore these options and start earning Bitcoin for free.

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