WalletConnect Session was Disconnected – How to Fix

2/12/2023, 3:11:02 PM - Eddu Oz
WalletConnect Session was Disconnected – How to Fix

WalletConnect is widely adopted and integrated into several Dapps.

There are many crypto wallets, with numerous of them having support for WalletConnect.

Some wallets, especially smart-contract-based wallets have issues connecting with DApps via WalletConnect.

We will be looking at possible causes and how to fix the WalletConnect session that was disconnected.

WalletConnect Session was Disconnected - How to Fix

Key Takeaways

 • WalletConnect can run multiple sessions.

 • WalletConnect has a Push server notification to alert incoming transactions for when the session is active.

 • A single pairing with WalletConnect can run an infinite number of sessions.

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What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect, just like the workings of the WhatsApp web, is used to establish an end-to-end encrypted connection between DApps and mobile wallets by scanning a QR code or deep linking.

What is WalletConnect Session was Disconnected

“WalletConnect session was disconnected” occurs usually when Walletconnect does not stay connected. It keeps disconnecting just a while after a successful connection.

Sometimes the WalletConnect session disconnection happens once you close your wallet app. This could be frustrating because while the DApp on your web browser still says your wallet is connected, the reverse is the case.

Transactions cannot go through as the push notification you are supposed to get in your wallet for authorizing it will not come through.

The only way to get Walletconnect to work after disconnection is to start a new session again, and this requires refreshing your web browser and rescanning the QR code to connect again. While this links your wallet back, it does not stop further issues with keeping your WalletConnect sessions active.

Fix for WalletConnect Session was Disconnected

Deployed in 2018, WalletConnect is gradual progress of the developer community. Besides, the launch of WalletConnect cloud towards the end of 2021, ahead of WalletConnect v2.0, is safe to say it is still an experimental feature.

If you are having issues with the connection, it is likely they are temporary and will be resolved within a short time.


A sure and easy fix for the WalletConnect session that was disconnected is to reconnect again. Go back to the browser you were using and connect your wallet again using the WalletConnect option of the DApp.

While this is going to restore the connection between wallet and DApp, it becomes annoying when you have to do it frequently.

Having to do this over and over again, might even cost you some money and stress. Let’s say you have already set the slippage fee when intending a swap. On disconnection, everything goes back to default again upon disconnection. So here are some possible things you can try to fix.

Update Your Wallet app

Sometimes the issue is already fixed in the latest version, and if you are still using an older version, it will persist.

Clear Browser Cookies

Another fix is to delete your browser cookies and try connecting again. If the issue is particular to a DApp, delete all the cookies about that. Or better still, open the DApp on a private tab in your browser and then try connecting again.

If you are using the in-built browser within your crypto wallet, proceed to clear browser cookies as well. Then go back to opening the DApp again.

Save Session Before Leaving

Depending on the wallet and wallet version you are using, you might see a Save and Leave option when you click the Cancel button at the bottom of the session screen. This is important in keeping your session active.

On some wallets, you only see a Cancel button at the bottom of the session screen. Clicking on it will display a pop-up showing “do you want to disconnect this session?” with an Ok button to end the connection if you desire so.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why does WalletConnect keep disconnecting?

If your WalletConnect is disconnecting, there can be several issues responsible for this. It could be issued with the DApp and your browser. Try opening via an incognito tab in your browser.

Q2. How do I disconnect my DApp session from my connected wallet?

Always disconnect your wallet at the end of transactions. This is safe and can help prevent connection issues later on.

There is always a disconnect button at the bottom of your session screen in the wallet. Click on it and then confirm disconnection.

Final Thoughts

Always keep your browser and wallets up to date. Fixes are always being added. Also, the safety of your assets will not be an issue if you encounter connection issues. WalletConnect is just a bridge and no transaction goes through without your authorization.

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