Top Sites To Get Airdrop Daily Alerts

2/20/2023, 7:34:28 AM - Henry Ibok
Top Sites To Get Airdrop Daily Alerts

A “Crypto Airdrop” is yet another way crypto enthusiats can earn free cryptocurrency assets they’ve once wished for. Tokens from blockchain projects are frequently given away for free or in exchange for a little media advertising from active traders.

There are fresh crypto airdrops almost every day, some of which are simpler to obtain than others. with so many of these around, it is difficult to stay informed on what airdrops are currently running.

In light of this, we’ve curated a list of the top sites to get crypto airdrop daily Alerts for 2022. We also go through how crypto airdrops work and how you can easily get some free airdrops.

Key Takeaways 

• Airdrops are a quick way to earn free crypto tokens legitimately.

• Airdrops usually have a time window for participation, so getting to know when one is open is very important if you do not want to miss out.

• Scammers can also use airdrops as a means to launch phishing attacks

• There are websites which provide daily airdrop alerts on good airdrops that you can participate in.

• The general rule is to avoid participating in any project, including airdrops, that requests extremely sensitive data like your private keys or seed phrases.

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What Is An Airdrop? 

An airdrop is a procedure where a crypto project gives out some of its tokens to users in an effort to increase awareness as part of a more thorough marketing plan. This is usually done before the token is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges

Airdrops are always free and don’t call for deposits beforehand. Depending on the cryptocurrency project backing a certain airdrop, users who are qualified to receive airdrop tokens may receive fungible or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as part of the free crypto giveaways.

Airdrops are typically given to anyone who applies for one without any conditions. However, some projects require some actions from interested users in order to qualify for free airdrops. This action typically take the form of social media promotion or directing more users to the project itself.

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How Do Airdrops Work? 

There are a few common procedures, but different firms deploy airdrops in different ways. Users who are interested in getting a certain token or NFT must first have a wallet to store it in.

Users are often required to interact with community groups on websites like Discord and Telegram, as well as join, follow, and share the project’s social media channels.

To sign up and join an airdrop by a certain deadline, participants often have a registration window with a restricted number of slots. Missing an airdrop isn’t bad, as they might happen multiple times depending on reception.

Finding legitimate airdrops and giveaways in the cryptocurrency market is made easier with the help of the free resource Airdrop Alert. 

But before you participate in any airdrop program, it’s advised that you should always do your own research (DYOR). CoinMarketCap and both have features in common with Airdrop Alert. 

Aside from crypto airdrops, Airdrop Alert supports newcomers to the industry by providing all the materials they need on their site.

Tops Sites To Get Airdrop Daily Alerts

Without much to add, here are some of the best sites to get Airdrops Daily Alerts. 

1. CoinMarketCap

Get airdrop daily alerts on CoinMarketCap

For obvious reasons, CoinMarketCap, a website that tracks the prices of digital assets, comes out on top. When it comes to price analysis, approving crypto projects, and comparing digital assets, CoinMarketCap, which was founded in 2013 by Brandon Chez, has swiftly established itself as one of the most reliable sites for crypto fans, the media, and institutions.

CoinMarketCap has been referenced by numerous authoritative media sites due to its high degree of credibility, including Bloomberg and CNBC.

The website provides users with all the information they require for each coin or token that is mentioned there. This contains information about the tokens’ contract addresses, websites, and other contacts, the blockchain, the current price, and whether or not the token is being tracked.

 The airdrop can be easily whitelisted, and you’ll be informed hours before it goes live.


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The website describes itself as “a free aggregator for crypto airdrops” and claims to have no connection to any of the airdrops listed there. You are urged to conduct your own research before investing in a token presale offer and avoid giving your personal information, even though they make an effort to only post legitimate airdrops.

You can sign up for their newsletter to receive airdrop notifications in your emails and stay up to date on the most recent or forthcoming airdrops.


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This cryptocurrency airdrop network, which debuted in 2018, has established a reputation for informing consumers of airdrops. It’s without a doubt one of the best resources for learning about airdrops and, more importantly, how to take part in them.

You have access to all information, including all the necessary details to assist with redemption and a number of online news articles about the airdrop.

Even a complete beginner can navigate the platform with ease. The portal solely disseminates data regarding legitimate projects. 

When it comes to alerting consumers to new airdrops, the platform is among the finest and quickest. Subscribing to their email newsletter is also quite helpful.


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The well-researched and comprehensive bitcoin airdrops offered by Airdrop King assist cryptocurrency users earn Airdrops quickly. In contrast to the other three, Airdrop King goes above and beyond to grade each choice and offers sufficient details to enable you to make the most of any airdrop.

The airdrops on Airdrop King are divided into four categories. The value (estimated price) of each airdrop posted on the website is clearly visible. You can sign up for Airdrop King’s newsletter as well. Join their over 100,000-strong Telegram community if that’s what you’re into to receive airdrop notifications in the app you already use.

5. AirdropAlert

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Since its launch in 2017, AirdropAlert has been offering a comprehensive list of airdrops in the form of three lists that display current, previous, and upcoming airdrops in the cryptocurrency market. 

By clicking on the token displayed on the website, you can obtain all details pertaining to the airdrop. This information includes, among other things, how to join, the amount of the airdrop prize, and many other things.

6. AirdropsMob

Adropsmob airdrops

AirdropsMob is well-known for offering its users certified and legitimate airdrops and crypto prizes.

AirdropsMob individually customizes each cryptocurrency airdrop. These sites also allow users to flag airdrops that have inaccurate or suspicious-looking information or that lack community support. Before posting the data of the hosted airdrops on the website, the blockchain project personally verifies all of the information.

They provide a greater variety of tokens to their users. The website has a useful search function that permits choosing coins in accordance with the demands of the token enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where Are Airdrops Delivered to People?

The time, date, and other pertinent information regarding an airdrop are often announced by developers on their official website, their Medium page, or any other social media site where they have a presence, such as Twitter or Telegram.

What Are The Benefits of Airdrops?

Airdrops not only guarantee extensive distribution but also serve as a highly successful marketing tactic. 

To locate the best airdrop, you must invest the greatest time possible in research and investigation.

Are Airdrops legal?

Thousands of airdrops are currently available on the cryptocurrency market. There are specialized platforms that assist you in selecting the airdrops based on their legitimacy and how much they are worth in the market. Not all airdrops are the same or require the same action to work. As a result, you should monitor official websites and stay informed.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of airdrops that enter the cryptocurrency market every day, and the number is constantly growing. Airdrops are without a doubt a popular trend right now in the cryptocurrency market, but as the community expands, the number of frauds and scams also grows.

Airdrops are a permanent fixture of the market, and we may support fresh, fruitful airdrops based on how trustworthy and legitimate they are. This is an excellent approach. In the end, you must conduct your own study and steer clear of projects that are fraudulent and have no members, or no application.

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