Quadency Review (with the latest pricing)

2/16/2023, 4:13:48 PM - Sene Bestman
Quadency Review (with the latest pricing)


Quadency is a cryptocurrency asset management platform with automated strategies. It functions as a unifying window/interface for trading and managing a crypto portfolio from different exchanges.

Quadency is a one-stop trading platform for investors of all levels. With the provision of advanced crypto solutions through automated bots, traders – beginner, average, or experienced, can easily exploit the benefits of automated trading with a few clicks.

Still at the preliminary stage of an extensive roadmap of plans, Quadency is aiming beyond just an automated trading platform. In this Quadency review, we’ll explore some of the things that make the platform unique.

Key Takeaways

Over 1500 digital assets can be traded on Quadency.

Quadency is one of the few, if not only, automated trading platforms running a “pay as you trade” pricing.

A custom bot with a custom strategy can be created on Quadency using the strategy coder feature.

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Quadency Features

Quadency is equipped with a lot of features for both beginner and pro traders.

Quadency dashboard
image credit: Quadency

1. Manual trading

2. Automated trading

Different trading bots for different purposes are available on Quadency. There are bots for gradually accumulating crypto and bots for managing your trades through the use of indicators and signals. There are also bots for rebalancing portfolios.

Bots are capable of placing smart orders despite the direction of the market and still make a profit. Set your bot and allow it to accumulate crypto as you sit back and relax.

Different indicators can be turned and used for profit-making according to the trend. Turn your TradingView alerts into automated trade orders for your bots. The Bollinger bands indicators can get you to profit from price swings. It eliminates trading emotions, Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) makes it easier to decide when to buy and sell.

You can choose from already built bot strategies and begin trading in minutes. Or you can use the Strategy Coder to create your custom bot based on Python and use it execute multi-market strategies.

There are many bot strategies to choose from or customize on Quadency. They include

  • Smart Order
  • Market Maker
  • Strategy coder
  • TradingView alerts bot
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Accumulator
  • Relative Strength Indicator (RSI).
  • “Market Maker Plus high” frequency trading. Which planet
  • MACD
  • DMAC
  • Grid Trader
  • Multi-Level RSI (Combine with DCA)

Lastly, you can Backtest your bot and strategies to be sure before you deploy them.

3. Portfolio

Portfolio Analytics

You can connect multiple exchanges to your account. Monitor and track the performance of your various assets across the different exchanges and wallets all from a single place.

Quadency portfolio overview
image credit: Quadency

Portfolio Rebalancer

As the value of assets on your portfolio rises or falls, the portfolio rebalancer automatically rebalances your portfolio to the initial asset weights.

See our top crypto rebalancing tools you can choose from.

4. Asset Research

Instead of relying on personal knowledge of advice from a variety of sources across social media, direct insights from well-known and respected insiders are available on Quadency. These, you can find on the Quadency blog page.

Supported exchanges

Which exchanges can I connect to Quadency? Quadency, currently supports 13 major exchanges and they include the following:

  • AAX
  • Binance
  • Kucoin
  • Liquid
  • OkEX
  • Binance US
  • BitFinex
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Gemini
  • HitBTC
  • Kraken
  • Poloniex

All listed exchanges can be connected via API keys with Quadency, allowing you to trade across all from a single platform.

Quadency supported exchanges

Tradable Assets

Over 1500 digital assets can be accessed on the Quadency trading platform.

All trades on Quadency are purely Spot trading. Derivatives such as futures, margins, and perpetual swaps are currently not supported on Quadency. They are, however, part of the future plans of the Quadency team.

Quad token

As part of their goal to provide investors with a better digital asset trading and management experience, Quadency has a token – QUAD – native to the platform. Launched on Ethereum Mainnet and Listed on SushiSwap, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, the Quad token grants access to trading bots and backtesting, tools, and other features on Quadency.

Quadency token. (QUAD)

The QUAD Smart Contract is genuine, having passed Zokyo’s security audit assessment.


Having scrapped the old pricing packages now runs a fair “pay as you trade” pricing. Instead of monthly subscriptions in return for access to the features of the platform, your trading volume and participation in the Quadency ecosystem will determine what you can access. A five-tier pricing category with varying benefits is available depending on how much USD worth of QUAD tokens you hold in your account, or your total trading volume over 30 days on Quadency-supported exchanges.

Official pricing: https://quadency.com/pricing

Tier 1

Hold <$100 QUAD

OR Trade <$10K Monthly

Accessible features

  • 0.10% Bot Trading Fee
  • 10% Discount with QUAD
  • 10 Live Bots
  • 10 Daily Backtests
  • 1 Exchange Account

Tier 2

Hold $100 – $1K QUAD

OR Trade >$10K Monthly

Accessible features

  • 0.07% Bot Trading Fee
  • 25% Discount with QUAD
  • 50 Live Bots
  • 100 Daily Backtests
  • Unlimited Exchange Account
  • Smart Suggest Access
  • 10% Referral Bonus
  • 1% QUAD Staking Bonus

Tier 3

Hold $1K – $10K QUAD

OR Trade >$100K Monthly

Accessible features

  • 0.05% Bot Trading Fee
  • 50% Discount with QUAD
  • 100 Live Bots
  • 500 Daily Backtests
  • Unlimited Exchange Account
  • Smart Suggest Access
  • QUAD Alpha Access
  • 25% Referral Bonus
  • 2.5% QUAD Staking Bonus

Tier 4

Hold $10K – $50K QUAD

OR Trade >$1M Monthly

Accessible features

  • 0.03% Bot Trading Fee
  • 75% Discount with QUAD
  • 500 Live Bots
  • 1000 Daily Backtests
  • Unlimited Exchange Account
  • Strategy Coder Access
  • Smart Suggest Access
  • QUAD Alpha Access
  • 50% Referral Bonus
  • 5% QUAD Staking Bonus

Tier 5

Hold >$50K QUAD

OR Trade >$5M Monthly

Accessible features

  • 0.02% Bot Trading Fee
  • 100% Discount with QUAD
  • Unlimited Live Bots
  • Unlimited Daily Backtests
  • Unlimited Exchange Account
  • Strategy Coder Access
  • Smart Suggest Access
  • QUAD Alpha Access
  • 100% Referral Bonus
  • 10% QUAD Staking Bonus


Quadency implements numerous industry-standard security measures to keep accounts secure from unauthorized access.

Your funds are safe with Quadency as they never leave your exchange accounts. Quadency does not need direct access to your funds to operate. Access is via an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows Quadency to connect and communicate with its supported exchanges. This is how data such as price data, and account balances are collected, and also how buy and sell orders are placed.

API keys, passwords, and other sensitive information are encrypted using industry-standard Bcrypt. A 256-bit multi-layer encryption keeps out unauthorized access. end-to-end encryption of communication with SSL over Transport Layer Security (TLS), keeps transmitted data encrypted. For browser security, content-security policy (CSP) and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) features are utilised to halt any data breach via your browser.

Two-factor authentication is offered on all user accounts and is advised for additional security of user accounts. 

As a preventive measure, Quadency is subjected to regular penetration testing by third-party security providers.

All financial products are regularly tested before integration and strict compliance with OWASP top 10 standard reliability standards is ensured. For secure processing of payments, all processing is done via Coinbase Commerce and Stripe, securely over SSL. 

Other measures include

  • Rate limits and ReCaptcha
  • We use Amazon Web Services against potential DDoS attacks

Ease of use

A good support page stacked with insights and tips makes it a beginner-friendly platform.

A customizable trading interface allows you to personalize your trading experience. Choose a preferred currency to view prices and portfolio values.

Quadency is also available as a mobile app, so you can check and automate your trades on the go.

Quadency mobile app

Final Thoughts

Overall, Quadency is a platform with quality trading services. Unlike other platforms offering similar services, Quadency offers more with a native token and an interesting roadmap of features. With plans in place to launch its exchange later this year, the platform is looking to be a multi-chain solution to better digital asset management and trading.

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