Compare Top 9 Forex Brokers 2020

7/21/2020, 5:50:00 PM - Eddu Oz
Compare Top 9 Forex Brokers 2020

Choosing a Forex broker is like analysing a lot of working parts of a system all at once. Like many other busy professionals, you may not have the time to read and soak-up all the information and technical details of a comprehensive broker review.

We have therefore decided to put together all the information you need in bullet points from over 50,000 words of research and Broker Reviews done on this website.

Key metrics like Broker History, Regulations, Client Countries, Minimum Deposit Requirements, Maximum Leverage & Spread, Tradable Assets, Trading Platforms, Type of Accounts, Trust Score & Ratings, Key broker Features and more are highlighted in our Comparison Table.

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