How To Calculate Your CRO Stake Rewards

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Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Eddu Oz

How To Calculate Your CRO Stake Rewards

CRO is the native cryptocurrency (technically a cryptocurrency token) of the “ Chain,” a blockchain established by

The main purpose of the token is to enable you to pay for real-world items with your cryptocurrency by changing it into fiat currency (such as pounds sterling and US dollars) in real-time.

How To Calculate Your CRO Stake Rewards

Key Takeaways

 📌 The term duration and the amount of CRO stake determine the stake reward that will be issued to your token.

 📌 Users on can earn stake rewards on up to 48 different tokens on the website.

 📌 offers better annual percentage returns on staking than some crypto exchanges.


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Originally, it was named MCO and was developed on Ethereum’sblockchain, whereas was dubbed Monaco. However, they rebranded and changed the token into CRO, as it is currently called.

Below are the CRO staking benefits and how to calculate your CRO staking rewards:

CRO Staking Benefits

1. Staking CRO on the App will give you the following benefits:

2. You get to have one of their premium metal Visa cards.

3. Receive Crypto Wallet Benefits, i.e., Purchase rebates and Extra card cashback.

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4. Take advantage of lower APRs on Crypto Credit and Crypto Earn.

6. Users with an existing stake will still receive the 16%/18% rate until the 180-day staking period is over. The new rate (10%/12%) will take effect once the staking period has matured or if there is any staking activity that changes your CRO staked amount.

5. Users with an existing stake and who have completed the 180-day staking period will have their rate adjusted to 10% or 12%.

 You can visit the Cards section for details of the different levels of benefits concerning the amount of staked CRO.

Calculating your CRO stake rewards

If you wish to calculate your reward rates, all you need to do is to follow the steps below:

1. Log in to

How To Calculate Your CRO Stake Rewards

2. Scroll down the website and click on “calculate rewards” under “Crypto Earn“.

How To Calculate Your CRO Stake Rewards

3. Once there, you will see a column with a deposit token, deposit amount, and deposit term.


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How To Calculate Your CRO Stake Rewards

4. Next, you select the deposit token, deposit amount, and deposit term of your choice.

5. Once that is done, will automatically calculate and display to you your expected earnings per year, rewards paid weekly, and your interest per annum.

That’s it, and you are good to go.

Token reward rates on

How To Calculate Your CRO Stake Rewards

For token reward rates, there are currently 48 tokens with different reward rates on

These reward rates could be flexible, one month, and three months with a CRO stake of 400 or less, 4000, and 40000 or more.

When the term for a token reward rate is flexible and the CRO stake is 400 or less, the reward percentage given will be different from what will be gotten when the term for that token reward rate is fixed at one month or three months or when the CRO stake is fixed at 4000 or 40,000 and above.

In essence, the term duration and the amount of CRO stake determine the token reward rates that will be given on

For example, given a term duration of one month and a CRO stake of 4,000, the reward rate for the DAI token is 10%.

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Final Thoughts

Calculating your CRO stake rewards and knowing the token reward rates on is quite simple.

If you are an investor looking to have an in-depth understanding of these rates before staking, you could simply visit the website for information or you could simply read this article as it provides you with the necessary information concerning staking rewards you need to know before staking.

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