BitBox02 Vs Ledger Nano X (Which Supports More Coins)?

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BitBox02 Vs Ledger Nano X (Which Supports More Coins)?

The BitBox02 and the Ledger Nano X are two of the most prominent wallets in the crypto market.

The BitBox wallet is a Swiss-made wallet built with security and user convenience in mind while Ledger is known for its state-of-the-art security. Both wallets are awesome, it’s no wonder that they have attracted a lot of users over the years.

The Bitbox02 is an improvement from the Bitbox01 and was created in 2018, while the Ledger Nano X is an improvement from the Ledger Nano S and was created in 2019.

Key Takeaways

📌 The Ledger Nano X wallet supports 5500+ crypto coins, whereas the BitBox02 supports 1500+ crypto coins.

📌 The Ledger Nano X is the flagship wallet in the Ledger series as it is an upgrade from the Ledger Nano S.

📌 The Ledger Nano X and the BitBox02 wallets possess unique features and are two of the most prominent wallets in the crypto market.

📌 The BitBox02 wallet comes in two editions: the BitBox02 multi-edition and the BitBox02 bitcoin-only edition.


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In this article, I’ll be comparing both wallets based on coin support (the number of coins each wallet can support).

Given that there are investors out there who may need this information, I decided to take my time to explain in detail how many cryptos they support and where you can get a complete list of them.

So, if you are an investor willing to know which wallet supports more crypto before deciding which to buy, follow me as I explain in detail.

BitBox02 Wallet

BitBox02 Vs Ledger Nano X (Which Supports More Coins)?

The BitBox02 wallet was created in 2018 by a Swiss manufacturer, Shift Crypto AG. BitBox02 Wallet is a modern and more sophisticated version of Shift’s BitBox01 hardware wallet.

Sophistication, in this case, does not mean difficult to use, but the BitBox02 offers more security, quality, and a lot of features any crypto owner would love.

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An important thing to note is that the BitBox02 comes in two editions: the BitBox02 Multi-edition and the BitBox02 Bitcoin-only edition. 

At a glance, the BitBox02 Multi edition appears to have more capabilities than the BitBox02 Bitcoin-only version, especially with the inscription on the face of the device.

However, both devices are of the same size (72 x 18.6 x 11.75 mm). Again, the BixBox02 has hidden sensors all over the device and an amazing OLED display screen.

How to Setup the BitBox02 Wallet


Pros and Cons of the BitBox02

The wallet was developed by a renowned firm, Shift CryptoSecurity.It may be expensive for some investors.
The wallet is easy to set up.The screen size is small.
The BitBox application is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.    
The wallet offers Universal Two-Factor (U2F) support.  
Robust backup options are also available.

Coin Support (BitBox02 Wallet)

BitBox02 Vs Ledger Nano X (Which Supports More Coins)?

BitBox02 supports over 1500 crypto coins and tokens. Bear in mind that when I mean the BitBox02 wallet, I am referring to the BitBox02 Multi edition as the Bitcoin-only edition, just like the name implies, supports only Bitcoin.

You can click here to see the full list of cryptocurrencies supported by the BitBox02 wallet.

Buy the BitBox02 Wallet

Ledger Nano X

BitBox02 Vs Ledger Nano X (Which Supports More Coins)?

The Ledger Nano X is the ace product in Ledger’s line of hardware wallets. It was released in May 2019.

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With the Nano X, you’re the sole controller of your digital currencies, and this hardware enables you to sell, buy, and exchange over 5500 coins from your desktop or smartphone.

It is a next-level hardware wallet that offers lending and staking features while managing over 5500 crypto coins right from anywhere you are.

How to Set Up the Ledger Nano X Wallet

Pros and Cons of the Ledger Nano X

Encrypted Bluetooth connection.Not suitable for mining.
Supports 5500+ cryptocurrencies and has the capacity for 100 applications.The battery is not replaceable.
Two on-device buttons offer simplified navigation and easy transaction validation.Weighs twice as much as its predecessor, the Ledger Nano S.
Compatible with all Ledger hardware wallets.The user interface is a bit confusing.
Ledger Live app allows for real-time crypto data tracking and app installation on the device 

Coin Support (Ledger Nano X)

BitBox02 Vs Ledger Nano X (Which Supports More Coins)?

The Ledger Nano X has integrated into it the Ledger Live dashboard, which is a desktop and mobile application that gives you the ability to manage your crypto portfolio and future transactions in a user-friendly interface.

The Ledger Live Dashboard allows you to have access to over 5500 crypto coins supported by it.

Of these 5500 crypto coins, close to 200 of them are native applications, which means that you can manage them without the need for an external wallet through the Ledger Live app.

You can click here to see the full list of crypto coins supported by the Ledger Nano X.

Buy the Ledger Nano X Wallet

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The Verdict

From the descriptions of both wallets above, the Ledger Nano X wallet supports 5500+ crypto coins, whereas the BitBox02 wallet supports 1500+ crypto coins. From this, it is evident that the Ledger Nano X wallet is the clear winner in this category.

Nonetheless, both wallets are excellent and can satisfy the needs of their users.

Final Thoughts

The BitBox02 wallet and the Ledger Nano X wallet have stood the test of time and have proven that they are two of the best wallets in the crypto market.

Although the Ledger Nano X wallet supports more crypto coins than the BitBox02 wallet, the BitBox02 wallet also has other unique features that set it apart from the rest, which is probably why it has a lot of users today.

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