7 Best Bitcoin Faucets To Join

2/10/2023, 11:44:17 AM - Eddu Oz
7 Best Bitcoin Faucets To Join

There are several methods to get Bitcoins (BTC). The easiest way is to buy some. However, another method is the most accessible, since it allows you to simply earn Bitcoins via a Bitcoin faucet, also called bitcoin taps in French. The best bitcoin faucets to join are very popular among the crypto community, even if they are both appreciated and criticized.

Best Bitcoin Faucets to Join

Key Takeaways

•Even though the amount of Bitcoin obtained through these “faucets” is generally small, your earnings can still accumulate over time.

•You won’t get rich, It doesn’t matter how many Bitcoin faucets you used.

In this guide, we will explain to you what a bitcoin faucet is, how it works but also reveal to you which are the most reliable bitcoin faucets in 2021 by selecting the 8 best of them.

Bitcoin “faucet” is a website that gives you free bitcoin in exchange for performing tasks.

These tasks are actions that make the website money from referrals, whether it’s filling out surveys, watching ads, or similar actions. The best Bitcoin “faucets” maximize revenue while minimizing investment in time and trouble.

The reward in return is often very small; on most “faucets” website you have to accumulate a lot of money before you can withdraw it. But don’t worry, bitcoin is designed to appreciate in value, so these little chunks are worth a lot more. Some early adopters of “faucet” Bitcoin got very rich just by saving a few dollars of Bitcoin.

Most Bitcoin “faucets” are tedious but still give users a small bitcoin for tasks.

How do Bitcoin Faucets work?

The most common business model used by Faucets is sharing advertising revenue with their visitors.

That is to say that when you watch an online advertisement for example, you will then receive in return a small amount of Bitcoin (expressed in SATOSHI knowing that 1BTC = 100,000,000 Satoshi).

The Satoshi won are then credited to a wallet (wallet) Bitcoin from the site which you can transfer to your own BTC wallet once a certain amount has been reached. Most of the time, the platforms set this amount at a minimum of 10,000 Satoshi, (but it may be only a few Satoshi).

Even though the amount of Bitcoin obtained through these “faucets” is generally small, your earnings can still accumulate over time and become substantial if you perform different tasks daily for several months (especially if the price of Bitcoin continues to blaze!).

Note: If you want to earn bitcoins by watching online advertising, it is essential to deactivate the ad blocker in your browser otherwise you will not be able to use these sites.

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The Secret of Bitcoin Faucets

Is it possible to make money with a Bitcoin Faucet? Yes. Because in the end, for every captcha, game, and ad you clicked, Bitcoin will be transfer for free to your wallet. In addition to the question of whether this is possible, the second question arises: is it really worth it – so does it make sense to invest time here?

It might not be a secret that you only get a few satoshi per completed captcha. The equivalent is often on the order of 1 to 2 cents; to earn a corresponding income, therefore, it is necessary to repeat the bitcoin generating processes several times.

If you are interested in the possibility of getting Bitcoin for free, it is advisable to register on several websites that advertise BTC Faucet. So you can try almost 24-hour games, solve captchas, or do other tasks in order to receive free bitcoins.

But you won’t get rich. It doesn’t matter how many Bitcoin faucets you used. But it is possible that you will get a few euros per day and at the end of the month you can say that between 50 and 100 euros has been earned.

1. Bitcoin Moon

The world’s most famous provider of Bitcoin faucets. Here you can expect quite high payouts compared to other providers – this also explains why Moon Bitcoin has the highest number of users.

Moon Bitcoin makes it possible to win Satoshi or Bitcoin games relatively easily. There are also some great bonus offers.

If you are looking for Bitcoin faucets, it may be advisable, especially for beginners, take a closer look at the Moon Bitcoin range. Moon Bitcoin has been around since 2014.

2. Freebitcoin

Not only is Bitcoin cryptocurrency available for free, but you can choose which digital currency you want to be “paid” in. In addition to Bitcoin, there are Dogecoin and Litecoin.

Freebitcoin has only been around since 2017, so it is a young provider in the market.

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3. Bitfun

The main emphasis here was on games. Bitfun evolves at the level of Moon Bitcoin. It is therefore perhaps a service provider who offers attractive remuneration. In addition, the time limit for completion is only 3 minutes.

Bitfun, like Freebitcoin, has been on the market since 2017.

4. Cointiply

More and more Bitcoin fans are interested in Cointiply. A platform that – at least that’s what the vendors say – gets the highest payout rates.

There is no official confirmation, but the experiences of Bitcoin Faucets can be found on the internet, which deal with the fact that you get some great rewards here. The website is used by around 600,000 people.

5. Coinpayu.com

Coinpayu is a new site from Bitcoin Faucet that functions as an advertising platform. On this site, you can earn BTC earnings by clicking on advertisements, especially to view them online. Be careful, even if it is a long commercial, you must see the entire video to be paid.

Viewing ads through Coinpayu can earn you up to 250 satoshis per day.

6. AdBTC: more than 1000 satoshis to be won every day

AdBTC is a Bitcoin Faucet similar to Coinpayu. It is an online advertising platform that allows you to earn Bitcoins by viewing advertisements on various internet pages. By clicking on the links that are offered to you and that lead you to the sites of these advertisers, you can earn up to 200 satoshis per video.

In general, it is possible to accumulate earnings of around 1000 satoshis per day.

7. BTCClicks: 80% referral / affiliate commission

BTCClicks is one of the most reputable and profitable Bitcoin Faucets for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It was created in 2013. The remuneration system is simple: satoshis are awarded to visitors who click and watch advertising videos.

In addition, the sponsorship / affiliation commission amounts to 80%.

BTCClicks offers between 40 and 380 satoshis for viewing an advertisement that usually lasts less than 45 seconds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. How Much Can You Profit From Bitcoin Faucet?

This will vary a lot depending on which one you choose and how much time you are willing to make available to receive free bitcoin. But there are reports of people who have done enough to make a good investment.

2. How can you withdraw profit with Bitcoin Faucet?

Depending on what virtual wallet you use, but in general these are the most common ways like credit cards, wire transfers, and even Skrill.

3. What Are The Precautions To Take Before Starting?

The most common business model for faucets is ad revenue sharing, with the site serving ads to visitors who can benefit from a portion of the revenue. It is therefore essential to deactivate the ad blocker in your browser otherwise you will not be able to use these sites. Also avoid VPNs, proxies, and bots aimed at automating actions.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, this way of earning Bitcoins seems to be very affordable. Bitcoin Faucet helps a lot of people earn cryptocurrency without taking any risks and just doing certain tasks required by some platforms.

As we can also see, many of these Bitcoin faucets no longer work or do not work, leading us to believe that it is not a very profitable operation for the people behind.

The important thing to remember is that it is always good to research and find out which platforms are safe, and reliable, in this area we have given you options, view, study, and choose the one that best matches your profile.

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