How to Know Your Ledger Wallet is Genuine

While Ledger oversees the supply of Ledger devices to authorized distributors/resellers, it doesn’t oversee beyond that to the customers, unless of course your purchase directly from the Ledger store. That being said, you should perform necessary checks to know if your Ledger wallet is genuine.

This article outlines 3 simple checks to help you know if your Ledger Wallet is genuine.

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Can the IRS Track Crypto Stored in a Ledger Hardware Wallet?

Last year, 2021, on tax fraud-related cases, the IRS seized $3.5 billion in cryptocurrency which amounted to 93 percent of what the Criminal Investigation unit seized in total. 

The Ledger wallet has proven to be a very secure wallet to store crypto offline. But does this keep the said assets from the reach of the IRS or can the IRS track crypto stored in a Ledger hardware wallet? This article gives a detailed explanation as you read further.

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