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Best Forex Signal Provider 2021

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We are excited to introduced our Trusted and Best Forex Signal Provider 2020 – ForexSignals

ForexSignals has helped over 67,000 traders attain the exclusive 1% top traders in the world since 2012. This is not all, ForexSignals has 50 years combined forex trading experience headed by the lead coach Andrew Lockwood, a former pit trader from London City.

Andrew has over 30 years Swing/Day trading experience. This he does with two other brilliant coaches Mark Bennell Swing/Day trader (15+ years), Max Norbury Swing/Day trader (10+ years).

These traders work across every trading session and teach you their forex trading strategies in the live market which is the good part.

What Will You Get?

  • Verifiable trading track records.
  • Round the clock access to live trading room.
  • Experienced coaches work across every trading session.
  • Clear entry and exit plans.
  • Help identify strong currency pairs to trade.
  • Scan multiple markets for Naked trading opportunities.
  • Exclusive indicators available to only members.
  • Helped 67,000 traders since 2012.
  • #1 Forex Channel with 219k YouTube Subscribers.
  • 8 million video views
  • Suitable for beginners.

Meet Your Coaches

Traders work across each trading session to guide you by the hand during your trades.

Best Forex Signal Provider 2021

What You Will Learn

How Our Signals Work

Receiving Forex Signals

Step 1

Register and log into Live Forex Trading Room. If you still don’t have account you can create it here. Once logged in, click on “View Traders Online”.

Step 2

Click on the trader that you want to receive signals from. You can either do that from Trade Ideas section or from the Online Trader list.

Step 3

Once you click on the profile you will see the trader’s profile. Click on the Follow icon.

Getting Started!

That’s all! Now every time that Trader posts a Trade Idea (Forex Signal) inside the Forex Trading Room you will instantly receive an email with all the details of that trade including a Chart, Take Profit and Stop Loss levels and the Full Trade Idea Description.


Trading Room Access – FREE (7 days)

One Month Plan- $97

Semi-Annual Plan – $297

Annual Plan – $567

Use Promo Code ‘DAYTRADER’ to get 10% recurring discount.

Join the few 1% top traders, learn from the very best with accurate forex signals and start winning in your trades.

Reviews has helped 67,000 traders since 2012

That’s Not All

Join the few 1% top traders, learn from the very best with accurate forex signals and start winning in your trades.

Use Promo Code ‘DAYTRADER’ to get 10% recurring discount.