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Trading CFDs should be easier with the right set of tools and expert knowledge. With the right information and most importantly using the right set of tools, you can profit from your trade and succeed in the long term.

Ox-currencies offer free trading tools and information that new and experience traders find helpful.

Our in-house writers with years of forex trading experience have put together detailed publications on trading concerns from all over the world. Our reviews are in-depth, simplifying complex terms aiding investors in decision making.

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To provide you with in-depth reviews on the Forex Market and its Brokers, we have partnered with the underlisted Regulated Currency Brokers in view of getting first hand information on performance, convenience and industry regulations.

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Our Forex analysts and writers have perfected the art of simplifying complex trading terminologies through our in-house publications and releases.


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Our in-depth study and reviews on trusted & regulated brokers will equip you with information you can trust in making investment decisions.

We have included free trading tools for the right approach to the market.

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We have a few affiliate partnerships with some of the currency brokers mentioned on this website.

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